Balkan Spy
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Balkanski špijun is a 1984 Yugoslav comedy film. Ilija Čvorović (Bata Stojković), a former Stalinist who spent several years in a prison on Goli otok, is contacted by the police to routinely answer questions about his sub-tenant, Petar Markov Jakovljević (Bora Todorović), a businessman, who spent twenty years living in Paris, and now has returned to Belgrade to open a tailor shop. After only several minutes, Ilija is free to go, however, he is starting to suspect that his sub-tenant might be a spy. As time passes, he becomes convinced that Petar, a modern man from a capitalist country, represents a great threat to national security and the socialist system, and starts spying on Petar, to a great surprise of his wife Danica (Mira Banjac), who is more concerned for the future of their daughter Sonja (Sonja Savić), who, although holding a degree in dentistry, is unable to find a job. operation against the innocent man and his friends.

February 23, 1984

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C3frllrpokmpj8npgho6xt9tyss Mira Banjac Danica Cvorovic
D3go2goauyf7x0hdrwrltgsimpl Borivoje Todorović Petar Markov Jakovljevic
Danica Petkovic Prolaznica
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Ii70w7b5sna14jmqy9kffmwo9xh Predrag Lakovic professor
T24gecakfmss741kdurwe7pbev1 Velimir Bata Zivojinovic pancake seller
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Ktauumurmonutiqlr3ciqqubdmi Milivoje Mića Tomić doctor



Dušan Kovačević Director

Bozidar Nikolic Director