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A young man is rocked by two announcements from his elderly father: that he has terminal cancer, and that he has a young male lover.

June 17, 2011

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Beginners: A love story.

Reviewed by Elija

A somewhat underground work of art not many are familiar with, Beginners is an adorable Indie film played by a cast of excellent actors both new on screen and famously original. It is a refreshingly witty and honest tale about modern day romance and discovering inner happiness. The movie fixates on a young man with a charming smile named Oliver (Ewan McGregor) whose father Hal (Christopher Plummer) just having come out of the closet a few years prior has passed away. The story follows Oliver and his brilliant jack Russell Arthur around as they journey through love, loss, and much much more. Not only is the acting amazing but the story line and plot is well thought out, leaving the audience to evaluate the way they themselves are living their lives. The story takes place in two time periods, one in 1955 viewing Olivers’ parent’s relationship and his childhood, and one in present day as Oliver meets a new love, a French actress by the name of Anna (Melanie Laurent) It shows us how they fall in love and help one another to move on past the death of both their parents. It is unknown how much time passes in the movie but one thing is for sure: the two characters discover they cannot live without one another. Although the mood of the film can be dark in some places it represents real life on a grander scale, ending still in a whimsical happily ever after way. The film is accompanied by a lovely soundtrack that fits into every scene; happy or sad. It gives the film a sense of timelessness that is not accomplished by most other scores. If you haven’t seen Beginners make sure to check it out! Everything about it is absolutely phenomenal and it brings a whole new perspective to modern day romance.

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