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Begotten is the creation myth brought to life, the story of no less than the violent death of God and the (re)birth of nature on a barren earth.

June 05, 1991

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Scariest movie that was ever made in the history of Movies

Reviewed by KINDERF3LD999

This might sound dumb, but I actually have not seen the whole movie, but I have seen parts of it. The scariest part of the movie is when GOD is killing himself. The bizarre-looking bloody, robed man disemboweling himself scares the pejeebees out of me. I am absolutely terrified of this movie. Begotten is a wild-fire for grotesque and disgusting horror. Due to the content of this movie, it was not able to be put in theaters. In fact, it was banned in Singapore!

I found out about this movie while I was searching for Marilyn Manson music videos on YouTube. Someone had posted a video that was all black and white, and the video said Begotten on it. somehow, the video was related to what I was looking for. Being very curious, I clicked on it, and I noticed that the video had been flagged, so I looked up "Begotten" on YouTube, and I saw more black and white pictures that looked distorted. I clicked on the trailer, and as soon as I clicked on the link, the horror started. It started off with very mysterious, scary music playing in the background. I heard the man with the deep voice saying cocky things like, "It will invade your sub-conscious mind", and "You will not walk out of the theater without being marked"...

I suddenly became intrigued, and looked for more videos of "Begotten", but I underestimated how bad the movie really was. I looked up the extended trailer, and the first thing I saw was a half-naked man lying on the ground, jerking his arms and legs back-and-fourth. I know now that that was really Stephen Charles Barry. So anyway, I saw that, but before I knew it, I saw a robed mystery-man gently placing a rope around Stephen's neck, and then the man began to pull him threw the forest. Then I saw the beginning part where a bloody-robed GOD was literally throwing his internal organs on the floor. At that point, I was scared out of my mind, and the movie had invaded my sub conscious like the man in the trailer had said. I was shaking like a puppy that fell through the ice in winter time.

There were some parts that I saw that I did not understand. That movie was a big WTF. Because of the picture quality, I couldn't really see what was happening in a way I could understand. So I had to guess. I remember robed-people at night carrying a beaten person through the hills on rope. I remember a very dirty man up close with his mouth open wide, and eyes closed, and his hands were shaking fast. I really don't know what E.Elias Merhige was thinking when he made the movie, but I am now afraid to go to sleep at night, because I am afraid that the images from "Begotten" will haunt me. Erhhh... I don't know what that part was with Donna Dempsey. The part where she's standing next to a casket, but the casket slowly disappears. When I saw that part, I was like,"WTF" Begotten will change you in a way that you and I can't even imagine. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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