Beware: Children At Play
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It’s ten o’ clock, do you know who your children are slaughtering? God fearing parents are in a panic as their children mysteriously disappear! Little do they know that the only thing worse than their children disappearing would be them coming back! After the youngsters of Tromaville fall under the ruthless control of a cult leader, they turn on their parents with gruesome results. Cannibalism, Parenticide and heartstopping gore explode from the screen in a movie that dares you to breed! Don't miss the last ten gut-wrenching minutes, which have made Beware! Children at Play a modern day classic! This exclusive DVD release features a director’s commentary, introduction by Troma President and creator of the Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman, and it comes to you in an uncensored director’s cut! Beware, you may never look at your children the same way again!

January 01, 1989

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Little Kids....kill

Reviewed by chelano

The whole background to this story is just terrifying. What if a group of children had a group where they killed grown ups and ate them. That would scare me. But the movie was not that scary and could of had a lot of changes. It would of been nice if the children were more scary. The only scary thing about them was they would hide in the fields and whisper to each other. It was like watching a wimpier version of "Children of the Corn". Basically a kids dad dies who taught the child strange Anglo-Saxon stories. As a revenge the kid grows up and thinks he is a leader of a group that kills adults. He gets other kids under his belt and forms a killing cult. Some of the acting was ok and some was just horrible. They had a few good gore scenes but then near the end, the gore and killing gets out of hand. I almost felt like I was watching a horror spoof near the end. I can remember two scenes in this film that should of not been in there. They were put in there out of good taste and really had nothing to do with the story line. Also I am not sure if the editor was sleeping, but there were a few scenes with very noticeable errors that should of been fixed or taken out. If you look at the poster for this movie, it will scare you. It comes off as very creepy. But when you finally watch the film, your whole view changes. In fact, I actually liked the film until halfway though. Then it just got silly.

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