Beyond Loch Ness
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James Murphey is a rugged cryptozoologist, who thirty years earlier, during a trip to Loch Ness, Scotland, had a fatal encounter with the fabled "Nessie" creature that killed his father, and left James with deep facial scar. Twenty years later, James is hunting for Nessie, when his search leads him to the sleepy town of Pike Island, Ashburn, on Lake Superior. Hiring Josh Riley as his guide, James and Josh bond over their mutual scientific interests and deceased fathers, while James tries to convince Josh's mother, Sheriff Karen Riley, that the 60-foot plesiosaur is killing and breeding.

January 05, 2008

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release the terror of the Loch less terror

Reviewed by mydinoman123

I watched this film last night it was really amazing on what it showed.

the story really stud out nice and the special effects was a big hit to me.

the loch ness was very big and huge all the actors played very well and how there preformed in the film.

I would say that I liked the part when that girl in the forest got her head eat of by the the Loch ness monster ;D UN lucky for her like lol.

I am going to rate this film a 5/5 for the best Terror film.

Film rating 5/5

for its best Terror film

Story and plot line 5/5

the film really did stand out

special effects 5/5

the Loch ness monster looked so really I even had a dream about this film


the actors played very well in the film

I would highly recommended this film to people who are looking for a Terror film

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