Bride Wars
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Two best friends become rivals when their respective weddings are accidentally booked for the same day.

January 09, 2009

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Bride Wars

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Bride Wars (G) * * *

Sacred Vows?


Start the new year off on the right foot with Bride Wars, a seductive comedy from 20th Century Fox. Even though this romantic farce should have been kept warm until Valentine’s Day folks looking for a charming date flick will find this selection well matched. Head on down to Tinseltown (on Pender, free parking), Oakridge Cinemas, Empire Studio 12, Colossus or Famous Players Silver City cites to get the scoop on this hellraiser.

True friends are hard to find. Rarer still are those childhood pals who grow old together. Early on we see that Liv and Emma were virtually non separable from youth. Dreams die hard and girls often fantasize about their wedding days. Both Liv and Emma long to meet that special someone and have made all sorts of age old vows to each other.

Over time promises can be broken. Now fully grown each career woman has their own boyfriend. Liv bides time with hot shot yuppy Daniel which perfectly suits her legal demeanor while teacher Emma has a close connection to Nate. While many of their friends get married the question is when these girls finally walk down the aisle. You might say it’s a bit of a race for the pair to tie the knot.

Once one of the girls gets that coveted ring the other is hot on her tail. Add to this the prospect of a glamourous wedding and you’d think the women would be in seventh heaven. Not so fast. Unfortunately the big wedding day runs into a snag of sorts when both ceremonies are booked at the same hour at the same venue. Can you spell disaster?

Director Gary Winnick (13 Going on 30) knows his way around romance and comedy and here has an excellent cast to work with. Led by glamour girls Kate Hudson (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds) and Anne Hathaway (Ella Enchanted) the casting could not have been more perfect. It’s great fun to see how these gals turn on each other in their hopes to snag the prize wedding at the prestigious Plaza Hotel.

Watch out for veteran actress Candice Bergen (Carnal Knowledge) to drop by as Marion St. Claire, the ultimate control freak wedding planner. And those poor husbands to be are played with great relish by Steve Howey and Bryan Greenberg (A Civil Action).

Bride Wars is a clever send-up of all the hoopla surrounding that biggest of all days and its great fun to witness the lengths both of these women will go to beat each other to the altar and, more importantly, get that coveted date at the Plaza. Sparks fly often in this rousing comedy that may be classified as a chic flick but has lots of soul and pizzazz to appeal to both sexes of all ages.

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