Captain Newman, M.D.
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In 1944, Capt. Josiah J. Newman is the doctor in charge of Ward 7, the neuropsychiatric ward, at an Army Air Corps hospital in Arizona. The hospital is under-resourced and Newman scrounges what he needs with the help of his inventive staff, especially Cpl. Jake Leibowitz. The military in general is only just coming to accept psychiatric disorders as legitimate and Newman generally has 6 weeks to cure them or send them on to another facility. There are many patients in the ward and his latest include Colonel Norville Bliss who has dissociated from his past; Capt. Paul Winston who is nearly catatonic after spending 13 months hiding in a cellar behind enemy lines; and 20 year-old Cpl. Jim Tompkins who is severely traumatized after his aircraft was shot down. Others come and go, including Italian prisoners of war, but Newman and team all realize that their success means the men will return to their units.

December 25, 1963

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Tgiv5zyia4smy5125cvbmqlkx2p Gregory Peck Capt. Josiah Newman, MD
Y2y6qfllkbdznbaakka8msh3lde Tony Curtis Cpl. Jackson 'Jake' Leibowitz
3pncoptk3fv5ijywid5hujq33yr Angie Dickinson Lt. Francis Corum
Tscju2xz42mpxqx5wsykftwzh8r Eddie Albert Col. Norval Algate Bliss
Xopehgx9qupfdfo3kuaa0dhxbko James Gregory Col. Edgar Pyser
Lczersyhvvldhkdmxsrcagp5jjf Bethel Leslie Mrs. Helene Winston
8n17gp2v0uqiuo6m6imjej18cnw Robert Duvall Capt. Paul Cabot Winston
Bhlkfa3fki4ie3ku3ca7ynpbbs8 Jane Withers Lt. Grace Blodgett
47vgncfm7ssy6bhlulkolvq3ypf Dick Sargent Lt. Belden 'Barney' Alderson
Jhaseip1yjxliv2bec3ddzf0ib5 Larry Storch Cpl. Gavoni
Phvmzybe1owz04hoizau0xh7ndo Bobby Darin Cpl. Jim Tomkins
Robert F. Simon Lt. Col. M.B. Larrabee
Syl Lamont Sgt. Kopp
D3toh0yccxs0rjjrdbd7nfg614a Paul Carr Arthur Werbel
Pn3ardef78xychszrju56fo12wk Vito Scotti Maj. Alfredo Fortuno
Crahan Denton Maj. Gen. Snowden
Otggxpeoqgr8yu7n9mrsawlbmke Gregory Walcott Capt. Howard
Charlie Briggs Gorkow
Ted Bessell Carrozzo - Patient (uncredited)
4wap8hgpstjm2kdqsyjfotgf7f6 Ann Doran Mrs. Pyser (uncredited)
W1siziisijiwmtivmtivmtevmtavmduvmdqvmjqwl2zmuwzznevhvzzpmnpkn0q0yxbzt0fhellhcs5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijmzeduwiyjdxq Mike Farrell Patient (uncredited)
Paul Lukather Pilot (uncredited)
Titus Moede Undetermined Role (uncredited)
7l4gppnqzi2lvs2r1nbtfxwikcw Ken Swofford Patient (uncredited)



Russell Metty Cinematography


David Miller Director


Alma Macrorie Editor


Robert Arthur Producer


Frank Skinner Original Music Composer


Richard L. Breen Screenplay

Henry Ephron Screenplay

Phoebe Ephron Screenplay

Leo Rosten Novel