Cold War
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They say Hong Kong is the safest city in Asia. But tonight, a police van has been hijacked along with the arms, equipment and the five officers aboard, one of the hostages being the only son of police deputy commissioner M.B. Lee (Tony Leung Ka Fai)! With the chief commissioner away on a conference overseas, the fiery Lee immediately takes command of the rescue operation – codenamed "Cold War" – but the mysterious kidnappers clearly know the police procedures and are therefore in an advantageous position. Objecting to Lee's aggressive but futile methods, the other deputy commissioner Sean Lau (Aaron Kwok) steps in at this time of crisis to lead the operation. But even Lau's careful plan to negotiate with the kidnappers ends up a failure, losing the $50 million cash ransom and the life of his lieutenant in the process. Meanwhile, the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) begins to investigate Lau and Lee on suspicion of having hidden ties to the kidnappers...

November 26, 2012

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Dtvlsgzqp41xs1sgdngbcecteet Aaron Kwok Sean Lau
H0oftzyi4xmtwb4abghclirqtrm Tony Leung Ka-Fai M.B. Waise Lee
B7siyebdhyixwj0cd9klf805zue Andy Lau Philip Luk Ming-wah
Limfxzvj75ietpor9nzc8zxmuco Charlie Yeung Phoenix Leung Chi-mei
Gordon Lam Ka-Tung Albert Kwong Chi-lap
Chin Ka-Lok Vincent Tsui Wing-kee
9dxuktxyxjiwy66s9qhrz5j1lud Gordon Lam Ka-Tung Albert Kwong Chi-lap
Hwysgl3kfiyt5yzzot1wdr8so4n Andy On Michael Shek
3jhlbd2dyyqcmjozb3ljebuphv3 Terence Yin To Man
5t5qbhzsekk1k2ghrsg8mbpldqz Aarif Lee Billy Cheung Kwok-piu
Eddie Peng Joe Lee Ka-cheun
Ma Yi-Li Michelle Chan Suet-yi
Michael Wong York Tsang Sheung-wing
Ax72d3rbhueykzgkphjtuz7qrqb Grace Huang May Cheung Mei-yin



Sunny Luk Kim-Ching Director

Longmond Leung Lok-Man Director


Ivy Ho Producer

Bill Kong Producer

Mathew Tang Producer