Drag Me to Hell
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After denying a woman the extension she needs to keep her home, loan officer Christine Brown sees her once-promising life take a startling turn for the worse. Christine is convinced she's been cursed by a Gypsy, but her boyfriend is skeptical. Her only hope seems to lie in a psychic who claims he can help her lift the curse and keep her soul from being dragged straight to hell.

March 15, 2009

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Drag Me to Hell

Reviewed by mutuel

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Drag Me To Hell (PG) * * * *



Wicked is the mind of Sam Raimi. Not content with setting the box office on fire with the super successful Spider-Man franchise, the sophisticate returns to the big screen with a smaller gem of a thriller. How appropriate is the title of Raimi’s latest feast for the senses: Drag Me To Hell. Joined by brother Ivan the pair present Universal Pictures with a rollicking and witty chiller of a film now freaking folks out at Tinseltown (on Pender, free parking), Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Famous Players Silver City cites across B.C.

High on the “hate” list just below politicians and lawyers are those dreadful bankers. After all, it was the banks that got us into the subprime mortgage mess not to mention the Savings and Loan scandals that began in California. Now the sunny state suffers the indignities of one of their officials making a bad decision concerning a standard loan.

Christine Brown is young, bright and with a boyfriend to die for. Ready to take on the world Ms. Brown gets into the usual rut at work made all the more testy when she has to deal with an elderly woman out for a loan. Not all is what it appears with Mrs. Ganush. Right after being refused a loan by Ms. Brown the lovely lass has her life turned inside out.

Desperate to survive the demons that are raining down on her at free will Christine decides to take matters into her own hands. What follows is a horror fans delight as the nastiness perks up and the tension never lets up in this chill a minute thriller that has enough smart gross out effects and campy performances to make you pull for the heroine or devil, which ever side you decide to come down on.

Great casting, impeccable pacing, scary music and some gut wrenching over the top scenes make Drag Me To Hell a barnburner of a movie. Sweet and wholesome Alison Lohman (WHEre the Truth Lies) is just ideal as the bank worker whose decision may yet cost her a life - her own. Good guy Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) offers manly help as best buddy Clay Dalton with veteran actress Lorna Raver downright scary as Ms. Ganush. Add David Paymer (Ocean’s Thirteen) into the mix as another banker and you have the recipe for a great emotional battle between good and evil.

Real scares, a great dark atmosphere, deadly and creepy monsters, powerful horrific special effects and a campy tone make Drag Me To Hell a zestful guilty pleasure sure to keep you awake all night long.

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