Gone With the Fish
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Based on director Lotte Svendsen's own memories of her childhood on the Baltic island of Bornholm, but though it is set in 1981 the conflicts portrayed do not seem far away. At the start of the film Lars Erik and his wife Sonja are doing well on the Baltic island of Bornholm. Lars Erik is a successful fisherman, Sonja is a traditional housewife, proud of their new house bulging with consumer goods. Their love for each other is the sturdy footing on which their home is founded. Lars Erik employs three men on his trawler, and spends as fast as he earns, so when fishing quotas are cut he faces a crisis. One by one his men leave the boat, but he refuses to give up. Being a fisherman is like being a farmer - you depend on the wealth of mother nature herself. However, mother nature is like romance, highly capricious!

January 01, 1999

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Sofie Stougaard Sonja
Kvnq23dsfhwkq06gxt8ssraybcu Henrik Lykkegaard Lars Erik
Michelle Bjørn-Andersen Karen
Isidor Torkar Francisco
Duza8j6fcbmt6j0f4mayuetlmvs Thomas Bo Larsen Ib
Helle Dolleris Bibi
Nq5bvjvwwg5wdvvegmazj7fypaj Søren Hauch-fausbøll Flemse
Christoffer Barnekov Svensk nøgenbader
Willy Lund Hansen Benny
Benjamin Hansen Kenneth
Jesper Asholt Finn Ole
Jesper Asholt Finn Ole
5dmbjt3djva8mfq8x9bef8fxney Martin Buch Flade
Jette Frovin Jensen Kassedame
Søs Karlson Servitrice
Bodil Lundquist Bankdame
Lone Madsen Bartender
Fsswhponraxabxs1knqv7qravzj Preben Harris Ernst
Pernille Grumme Adoptionsdame
Anna Norberg Else
Thorkild Westh Havnmand
Hans Kristian Nørregaard Skolelærer
Peter Skram Ældre betjent
Niels Ole Blem Brugsbestyrer
Eske Thorlund Lille Oluf
Yrqctnmgwnvp871d9fbjnpn6lpv Peter Aalbæk Jensen Dumpo (as Peter A. Jensen)
Holger Anker Kofod Fotograf
Stig Kofoed Tavse Oluf
Leo Mortensen Fiskeopkøber
Elias Manniche Møller William



Niels Sejer Production Design

Costume & Make-Up

Maria Gyllenhoff Costume Design

Søren Hedegaard Makeup Artist

Tina Norup Helmark Makeup Artist

Anne Cathrine Sauerberg Makeup Artist


Anthony Dod Mantle Cinematography


Lotte Svendsen Director


Kasper Leick Editor


Per Holst Producer

Thomas Lydholm Producer

Jens Arnoldus Production Manager

Monica Steenberg Production Manager


Jens Brygman Music