Hart's War
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Fourth-generation Army Col. William McNamara is imprisoned in a brutal German POW camp. Still, as the senior-ranking American officer, he commands his fellow inmates, keeping a sense of honor alive in a place where honor is easy to destroy, all under the dangerous eye of the Luftwafe vetran Col. Wilhelm Visser. Never giving up the fight to win the war, McNamara is silently planning, waiting for his moment to strike back at the enemy. A murder in the camp gives him the chance to set a risky plan in motion. With a court martial to keep Visser and the Germans distracted, McNamara orchestrates a cunning scheme to escape and destroy a nearby munitions plant, enlisting the unwitting help of young Lt. Tommy Hart. Together with his men, McNamara uses a hero's resolve to carry out his mission, ultimately forced to weigh the value of his life against the good of his country.

February 15, 2002

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Szrtf6our9ct6whtbrc5scqgi8a Bruce Willis Col. William A. McNamara
Tfmwleeznmgg8wswgpm4mjd6tgc Colin Farrell Lt. Thomas W. Hart
Qutp6vfczddhvy2zx9hfyh5wzyb Terrence Howard Lt. Lincoln A. Scott
3xonkmwy24e9hykjw9iy5sw8o9c Marcel Iures Col. Werner Visser
Djb17kwpqsr1hufz4ony4b8wjkt Cole Hauser Staff Sgt. Vic W. Bedford
Qbfctsaz6gujbe9njuwps3bfzos Linus Roache Capt. Peter A. Ross
Vicellous Reon Shannon Lt. Lamar T. Archer
Nswd3ttkpcgzyuo5dqgazaxqunf Rory Cochrane Sgt. Carl S. Webb
Ohvruzrkj4msfbfdnvvud0jkdwk Joe Spano Col. J.M. Lange
1bzx1ms5nzxiqfmhmzhnhaji2hb Michael Weston Pfc. W. Roy Potts
Nekit7nxz6gtxpgsloilvzchnry Adrian Grenier Pvt. Daniel E. Abrams
Jonathan Brandis Pvt. Lewis P. Wakely
Rskzujephnnusqkdc0rdv6ggtwe Maury Sterling Pfc. Dennis A. Gerber
95uljacqlessr6cwo9u5xdvkkio Sam Jaeger Capt. R.G. Sisk
Scott Michael Campbell Cpl. Joe S. Cromin
Sotyd5xoun6oc4zjtwvhkszrisx Rick Ravanello Maj. Joe Clary
Sebastian Tillinger Pvt. Bert D. 'Moose' Codman
Brad Hunt Pvt. G.H. 'Cookie' Bell
Rúaidhrí Conroy Cpl. D.F. Lisko
2wluwiompphe6tqqhrwf9kuti9w Sam Worthington as Cpl. B.J. 'Depot' Guidry



Lilly Kilvert Production Design

John Warnke Art Direction

Martin Kurel Art Direction

Patrick Cassidy Set Decoration


Alar Kivilo Director of Photography

Costume & Make-Up

Elisabetta Beraldo Costume Design


Gregory Hoblit Director


David Rosenbloom Editor


David Ladd Producer

Arnold Rifkin Producer

Stephen J. Eads Producer

Wolfgang Glattes Executive Producer

Patricia Graf Producer

Deborah Aquila Casting

Jessica Horáthová Casting

David Foster Producer


Terry George Author

Billy Ray Author

John Katzenbach Author