I've Loved You So Long
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A woman struggles to interact with her family and find her place in society after spending fifteen years in prison.

March 19, 2008

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I've Loved You So Long

Reviewed by Ccharisma

I’ve Loved You So Long is a slow-paced drama about a woman who is trying to get her life straightened out. This film has a lot of emotion involved and at times some scenes contain nothing but silence. The characters involved in this film have their struggles and their secrets, and the film explores all of these things.

The story is about a woman named Juliette who has served 15 years in prison and is getting out and living with her sister who she barely knows. The story is about their relationship and Juliette’s sister helping her and never giving up on her. Kristin Scott Thomas, who is a great actress with a lot of range, plays Juliette. She has been in The Horse Whisperer, Gosford Park, The English Patient, and a great french film called Tell No One that came out last year. Thomas holds a lot of her feelings inside, but you can see it in her face. It is not until the final scenes you see her let them pour out of her.

She did a great job playing a woman who is trying to discover life again. She has been in prison for a long time and she must reconnect with the only family she has left. It is a tough role to seem so distant, but to be able to overcome her problems and Thomas does it. Pretty well I must say. The reason she went to prison is the main struggle in this whole film. It involves murder, but it is who she murdered and why that is so tough on the whole family. Only Juliette knows exactly what happened, and her sister wants to find out the truth. By the end, we get the whole picture and realize the trauma and guilt Juliette has put herself through, and if she’ll finally let it go.

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