In His Chart
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Dr. Ichito Kuriharai (Sho Sakurai) works at a clinic in Nagano Prefecture. He rarely has any free time due to the clinic's shortage of doctors and the constant influx of patients. Ichito even sometimes diagnoses patients out of his area of speciality and sometimes goes days without sleeping. He hopes to work at a major hospital where he can get more free time to spend with his wife Haruna (Aoi Miyazaki) and also specialize in his field of study. However, Ichito is also reluctant to add to shortage of doctors at the clinic and break his relationships with the patients. One day, Dr. Ichito Kuriharai clears out the belongings of a terminal cancer patient who passed away. During this time, he discovers a letter made out to him thanking him for the care he provided to her, even though he could not cure her sickness. Dr. Ichito Kuriharai then has a revelation about the medical chart he keeps in his hand - filled with personal observations and concerns ...

August 27, 2011

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Kpjwwiuaxwz0bmfbgut6nvbviii Aoi Miyazaki Haruna Kuriharai
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Ptvhflchharvq2ihf2htbewykne Michiko Kichise Shizue
Jiyjjzrm6vqdbsmp288gl3mtua6 Aki Asakura Youko Mizunashi
K6ssmegbotorzjaqhtdxefaxtgv Chizuru Ikewaki Naomi Touzai
Koorv25x71zezu0y1qm1drjkmny Mariko Kaga Kyoko Azumi
9jh1u0egmioeauxgtwe76lb0ddr Akira Emoto Doctor
Kcq2avdpeztqmugwyx9csei4jgn Jun Kaname Jiro Sunayama
5e5iiedf8kqcfk2tmya5649sl64 Yoshinori Okada Shidono Gaku
9wnt2gsgul0vo6kg8ym3iag5rsq Taizo Harada Danshaku
Qh51dd9tobgmtn3zk3eyq5odcgm Tokuma Nishioka Doctor



Yoshihiro Fukagawa Director


Minami Ichikawa Producer

Akio Kobayashi, Producer

Yutaka Ohnishi Producer

Julie K. Fujishima Producer

Koji Ishida Producer

Tomoko Machida Producer

Kenzou Abe Producer

Takahiro Kawada Producer


Noriko Gotô Writer

Sosuke Natsukawa Writer