It's Always Fair Weather
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Three World War II buddies promise to meet at a specified place and time 10 years after the war. They keep their word only to discover how far apart they've grown. But the reunion sparks memories of youthful dreams that haven't been fulfilled -- and slowly, the three men reevaluate their lives and try to find a way to renew their friendship.

February 09, 1955

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Reviewed by uziiman

It’s Always Fair Weather is a quirky comedy about three war buddies who believe that will be best of friends long after the war is over despite what the bartender says. They decide to make a bet with the bartender on this and go their separate ways. After ten years they meet again and ended up hating each other. One man is a stuck up and overly cautious man, another becomes a city hustler prominent in the underground gang world and the third becomes an owner of a lowly burger joint.

The stuck up man is part of a television show that has an ambitious woman who hosts the show. She wants the show to be meaningful and special. Her producer comes up with the idea to show how the three soldiers who separated after the war were still friends. She comes up with a scheme to trick the three into appearing on the show. When the three show up they are immediately beckoned to come on stage. As the relay their hate for each other, the audience is shocked. Things change for the better when the city hustler is attacked by a gang boss and his two war buddies help him fight off his goons. The gang boss is exposed as a criminal on life television when he confesses to his crimes without realizing that there is a boom microphone hovering over him. In the end, they become friends again and agree to help each other out.

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