John Schneider's Collier & Co.: Hot Pursuit!
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J.R. Collier, once the world's greatest race driver, is losing his family because he can't get racing out of his blood. His scheme to "go legit" by acquiring and reselling exotic cars -- cars he acquires by suckering the owners into racing for the pink slip -- runs afoul of the bad guys when he wins one car that has something in it that they will kill for.

October 26, 2006

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Collier & Co.: Hot Pursuit

Reviewed by Picture kmahan

I was lucky enough to catch a special screening of John Schneider's new movie Collier & Co. John Schneider himself was on hand to sign autographs, explain his passion about this movie, and then enjoy watching it with his fans.

Collier & Co. is about a man named J.R. Collier with a passion for racing. So much so that he decides to make a living out of it after quiting the racing circuit. By racing for pink slips and selling the winnings, J.R. acquires some high dollar vehicles to add to his used car business. All in the hope that his wife will change her mind about their upcoming divorce.

By chance he crosses paths with an old rival, Mr. Fanning, by winning a car that had something valuable stashed inside it. Fanning will stop at nothing to get it back.

Collier & Co. is the type of movie that everyone in the family could go see and enjoy. And thats exactly what John Schneider was shooting for. His own family actually plays the part of his family in the movie. You can't get more family oriented than that.

Even though the movie was done on a very low budget, C&C is still very entertaining. From the car chases to the humor C&C is very reminiscent of the old Dukes of Hazard tv series which Schneider played a part of.

My wife and I laughed throughout the whole movie. At the end John even asked my wife if that was her "cackling" in the front, and thanked her for the compliment saying thats what he wanted to hear.

Hopefully Collier & Co. will be picked up by a major studio so that more can see it when it officially comes out.

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