Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience
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Secure your VIP pass to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Jonas Brothers. Get ready to hang out with this multitalented trio, and take an intimate look at what their lives are like offstage and behind the scenes.

February 27, 2009

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Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience

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Jonas Brothers: The 3 D Concert Experience (G) * * *

Feel The Beat!


Every decade or so seems to have a new pop sensation. Number one chart topper the Jonas Brothers finally (?) make it to the big screen with Disney’s Jonas Brothers: The 3 D Concert Experience. Aimed squarely at young girls these hunks pull out all the stops in this whirlwind tour of the boys doing what they do best: sing. Brave the hoards of screaming girls at the Esplanade 6, Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Famous Players Silver City arenas if you dare.

Just how effective the 3-D (actually real d) glasses you slip over your normal eye wear is becomes debatable as this 76 minute journey is really one long rock concert. On this level it works beautifully. Both fans of the Jonas Brothers and those who know next to nothing about their talents will come away pleased with what unfolds onscreen. In a throwback to the mid-60s you can see the filmmakers here are trying to capture the frenzy of being a pop star and the hysteria surrounding such super celebrities.

Why they even include footage of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan to make the sly comparison that these kids have the “it” factor. Call it charisma and the ability to literally mesmerize young girls. With their good looks and more importantly natural talent we see the furor these lads create when they go about their performing duties. A sense of ease and camaraderie filters through the candid scenes of the boys preparing to meet the fans and the media.

A good 75% of this movie shows the group perform on stage and they are wonderful. Cheaper than going to an actual concert you get to see these three perform in front of a number of live audiences. Kevin, Joe and Nick are full of energy and are captivating when they belt out their tunes, nearly all of which concern love and relationships that become an even greater draw for young girls who can relate to their musings. All the glitz and glamour of a well-staged production unfolds perfectly in this family friendly concert film that also features a few guest vocals, including an impressive set by Taylor Swift.

Director Bruce Hendricks succeeds in recreating a great concert atmosphere and allows the Jonas clan to strut their stuff amidst scores of hollering female fans (along with the odd male attendee). Sure to be a hit with girls but likely a bore for the boys Jonas Brothers: the 3D Concert Experience is short on special effects but long on great songs and a great stage presence guaranteed to please your daughters, just like they wowed and wooed President Obama and Michelle’s two girls.

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