Legend of the Fox
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Chin Siu Ho plays a young man who believes himself to be an orphan. Until one rainy night when he and three different men find themselves taking shelter from the storm in the same place. Here the man who raised him tells him at last the story of who his parents were. His father (Lu Feng) was a great swordsman trying to dispel rumors of a wrongdoing and return a lost sword to its rightful owner. Kuo Choi and Chiang Sheng (also master swordsmen) are the parties that Lu Feng is trying to rectify things with. Through cowardly trickery on Chiang's part, a duel ensues and it all winds up with Lu's death. His son is taken to safety by a servant (the man who since raised him). Now with the truth told, Chin Siu Ho seeks out Kuo Choi's aid and seeks vengeance for the wrongful death of his father.

November 15, 1980

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Ui8q5phwbfawwyqi1jeadjibcon Chin Siu-Ho Hu Fei/Flying Fox
M9kprtdlno1isbitf5qf2pdonf5 Philip Kwok Chun-Fung Miao Renfeng / Golden Face Buddha
K8nahzklyzbw3oejvqwddailqq9 Chiang Sheng Tian Guinong
Iqyvged3zivrnigyd9uyccgfcil Lu Feng Hu Yidao
Helen Poon Bing-Seung Hu Yidao's wife
Choh Seung-Wan Nan Lan
Vtruaf66uxmctan8i7rfesks71f Wong Lik Shi Wancheng
Yu Tai-Ping Dr Yan Chi
Wong Man-Yee Cheng Ling-Su
Wang Han-Chen Innkeeper
Sateojvquqwalznsks47difi5tp Wan Seung-Lam Guinong's man
Lau Fong-Sai Liu Hezhen
Lai Yau-Hing Ah Shi / Fei's 4th Uncle
Leung Chi-Hung Xue Que
Chow Kin-Ping Murong Jingyue



Chang Cheh Director


Louis Cha Writer

Ni Kuang Writer