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Love presents many challenges to couples...but none so daunting as the one Justin faces with his girlfriend April...

July 01, 2009

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Lo and behold--an American horror film worth dying for!

Reviewed by mackshere

Holy!?!? Is it truly possible? A demonically horrific comedy that is hellbent of all earthly cinematic formulas? One that grips what's left of your gooey feeble little mind that's been hammered by the onslaught of money-grabbing horror remakes and destroys all preconceptions? Why yes! There is a slight glimmer of hope for American horror.

It's been summoned to the screen by director/writer Travis Betz. Using a wicked book of spells and chants, a love-stricken boyfriend calls upon the demon Lo to help him retrieve his beloved woman, who was snatched from his bedroom by another foul and mysterious creature. Lo has an agenda of his own, as all demons are naturally inclined to rape, torture, and devour anything in sight. So we've got an evil game of tug o' war, or perhaps a devilish chess match.

Lo plays mind games while hurling insults at his new master. He also projects his own mental images on the wall of his interpretations of the couples past. It plays out like an absurd Broadway play, funny as all hell and definitely strange.

I must admit at first I was disappointed when seeing this horribly evil and frightening looking demon crack jokes and spread on the extreme sarcasm. I'd love to see Lo in a straight-up horror film. But, there were just too many hilarious moments for me to hold a grudge. Way too fun!

Lo has to be one of the most original and entertaining horror films to come out ever. There will be hell to pay if you miss this great independent flick. Madness, I tell you. Madness!

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A silver looking Grinch

Reviewed by chelano

Very interesting film. The whole movie really relies on it dialog only. I mean there are a few characters that have excellent make up, but there is no special effects. It is just a simple dialog type movie. Lo is a demon played by Jeremiah Birkett and he did an amazing job; although Lo kind of reminded me of a weird looking Grinch. He was summoned by Ward Roberts to find his girlfriend played by Sarah Lassez. Everyone in the film did a great job. Most of the film had Lo talking and his dialog was funny and entertaining. The only scene that really annoyed me was a musical number by Devin Barry. Then there was a small scene with a dancing waiter that kind of threw me off too. It really lost my interest in the film. Other than that, it was pretty good. The whole story was good with a nice ending. It is basically saying, how far would you go to get the girl you love back. Would you face Hell? All the little characters in this film were really fun to watch and even though it was low budget, it still was done well. A good piece that shows you do not need special effects to make a movie.

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