Lost Boys: The Tribe
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The sequel to the 1987 cult hit The Lost Boys takes us to the shady surf city of Luna Bay, California, where vampires quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path. Into this dark world arrive Chris Emerson (Hilgenbrink) and his younger sister, Nicole (Reeser). Having just lost their parents in a car accident, the siblings move in with their eccentric Aunt Jillian and become new prey...

July 29, 2008

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The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Reviewed by Narcissus

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe comes as a surprise to most people. After waiting 20 years, less for some people, we finally get a sequel.

I stream the movie, excited and more than just a little optimistic. I even punish myself mentally for not having watched it on the big screen.

Ten minutes in the movie, my enthusiasm is slowly getting lost in the horrible performance of Autumn Reeser (who plays Nicole Emerson, the lead's sister). I wonder why I haven't heard of this girl before but the answer is right in front of me - the girl can't act if her life depended on it.

So instead I try to focus on her 'brother' Chris (played by Tad Hilgenbrink). Now Tad does a better job throughout the whole movie. But his show of talent, and perhaps a little effort, is not nearly enough to make up for other leaks in the movie.

Such as the mere appearing of the "vampire hunter" let alone non-convincing performance. I don't blame it on Corey Feldman. He's not a bad actor, not at all. But he must have been having serious problems the day he actually took the part of Edgar Frog - a laughable character that serves only to annoy you while you wait impatient, tapping your foot and muttering under your breath things like "I see the vampire hunter, but where the hell are the vampires?!".

Enough on the actors and their characters although I can hardly stop myself from expressing my disappointment in the so called "Tribe". What I'm going to say is that all of the boys fit the others of the cast perfectly. Except maybe for Tad Hilgenbrink who's talent eventually gets lost in the huge mess that Lost Boys 2 is.

Half way through the movie I'm feeling dizzy from all the cheesy dialogue and ridiculous effects, that might as well not be there and I'm contemplating stopping the damn movie.
Then a ray of light emerges when we finally see some vampire-on-the-hunt action. Only these vampires don't hide in the shadows and seduce or scare people to death; they don't have style and flare, no. They go on a beach party with a couple of dumb chicks that laugh idiotically when one of the lost boys tells a ridiculous joke.. right before he admits that they're vampires. The girls don't believe them, so the boys go scary and pounce on them like wolves on sheep. You'd think it looked as good as it sounds. It didn't.

Director P.J. Pesce does a horrible job when it comes to the most important scenes - the feeding of our beloved monsters. The camera captures all the wrong things at exactly the wrong moments until your eyes are going crazy, trying to fix on the part where the vampires actually feed on the girls.

Yes, unlike Twilight, Lost Boys 2 has real vampires - cunning, vicious and proud of it. There was some potential in the plot, but not nearly enough. It also gets lost in the horrible acting and the horrible direction.
If only the 'vampires' had done a better job when they didn't have appropriate make up and dramatic sound effects to go along with their uneven performances. If only the 'hunter' wasn't such a nut job and actually knew a damn thing about vampires. If only Pesce had put some real effort.

If only they'd called the movie Lost Boys 2: A sequel-disgrace to it's brilliant original Lost Boys (1987). Then at least us fellow vampire fans would have not wasted an hour and a half, getting disappointed by Hollywood yet again.

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