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A motel manager works against all odds to win the heart of the woman he loves after a one night stand in this romantic comedy.

October 10, 2008

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Random get together leads to love

Reviewed by chelano

Not that bad of a film, but not amazing either. It had a small cast, but only some seemed to fit. Jennifer Aniston was decent and Steve Zahn was pretty funny at parts, but some of the writing to the film didn't fit that well with the characters. This goes the most for the ending. The ending was a bit over the top and really made you lose interest. Woody Harrelson was also in the film and he really didn't fit with his character much. The story, like I said, just faded off at the ending, but up to that point, it was pretty decent. It wasn't crazy funny, but it did have its moments to get a little chuckle out of the viewer. The story is that a guy randomly meets a girl who shows up at the hotel he works at. Then they sleep together and he falls for her, but she leaves. You can only guess what could go on from there. The film at parts was trying to be serious and for the most part it did fit, even with the little humor they added in from time to time. But again, when the movie was over and it was all panned out, it just didn't have the impact it needed to finish clean.

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