Million Dollar Baby
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Pamela is just your average working class girl trying to make ends meet and maintain a positive outlook on life. Happy as a clam living in a boarding house across the hall from her surly boyfriend Pete, Pamela hasn't a care in the world other than meeting her rent. As it happens, Pamela meets an older lady who is moving in to the boarding house. Pamela takes the lady under her merry wing and treats her to a dinner at the Italian joint where Pete plays piano. Over the course of the next few days, the lady (who is rather well to do) hires an attorney to give Pamela 1 million dollars. The result of which causes Pamela and Pete's lives to be turned upside down until they finally focus on what is important.

May 31, 1941

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Yzqoizit3ro4qoz5fzw0ki4usuz Jeffrey Lynn James Amory
Gdefoja7rbffujg5ppatgs6izh8 May Robson Cornelia Wheelwright
Srgpsavd3vnzpzywoqmes1d1cxm Lee Patrick Josie "Lou" La Rue
Helen Westley Mrs. Galloway
George Barbier Marlin
Nbxfhzo4tupnnfgnadxfpwqiven John Qualen Dr. Patterson
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V4lue3ymrvohadowbrsxnzcig3r Fay Helm Mrs. Grayson
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Richard Carle George the butler
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Ste7hfdut5jdnd6xsrfaev6c4hh Maris Wrixon Diana Bennett
S01djdyvjmf0f6fxigzsdhjpvgs James Burke Callahan
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Curtis Bernhardt Director