Monte Carlo
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Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

July 01, 2011

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For Women Only!

Reviewed by jmpviper

If you are not a woman I suggest not watching this movie. There is nothing to keep a heterosexual male interested. There is an overabundance of fantasy romance in it that eventually begins to wear down on you. I was bored for most of the time while watching this movie! If I was a woman I may find this movie "beautiful" or "romantic" but as a man there is no way that I want to see this movie again! 4/10

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Awesome adventure of a lifetime in Monte Carlo!

Reviewed by EuniceH

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” This quote will be friendly to some of you, if you see the movie, Monte Carlo. In this American romantic comedy film, three women, Grace Ann Bennett (Selena Gomez), Meg Kelly Bennett (Leighton Meester), and Emma Danielle Perkins (Katie Cassidy) lead the storyline. They use their savings to go on a trip to Paris, but from the first day of the trip, it turns out to be a disaster. They couldn’t enjoy the trip. Everything happens in an absolute hurry. The tour bus even leaves them behind. However, in a luxurious hotel, their trip totally changes by the mistaken identity between Grace and a cruel and wealthy British heiress, Cordelia Winthrop-Scott (Selena Gomez). Before they reveal the truth, they get the chance to be in Monte Carlo for a week. As you watch this movie you will find several things that you can learn, even though it’s a comedy movie. Also, Selena Gomez who acted as Grace and Cordelia does a great job showing the absolute difference between the two girls. I think these two points, the thoughtful lessons and acting are the rewards of this movie.

One of the movie’s rewards is the lessons the characters give to the audiences. In Peter Paras’s movie review, he stated, “The film's lessons on friendship and growing up are effective.” In the movie Monte Carlo three women that lead the storyline have their own personal problems or prejudices. Grace has problem with her stepsister Meg. Meg has personality problem that started from her mom’s funeral, and Emma always longs for a luxurious life in a palace. At the end of the movie all of them receive answers. As they are in the process of overcoming their personal issues, the audiences will be able to learn many things. First, you may learn the importance of the relationship between siblings by looking at Grace and Meg. Second, Paul Asay who wrote a critique of this movie commented, “Meg, who's mourning her recently deceased mother, discovers that life still goes on. And that it's meant to be treasured. As her father tells her before she leaves, ‘It's what Mom would've wanted.’” From what Meg learned in life, audience who might be going through difficulties in life may find the joy back in their life again. Lastly, Emma concluded “But I already have the best” [in life]. As I mentioned above she had hoped for a first-class life, but she realizes that the life back in Texas was the best through by witnessing the bad example of the local prince who flirted with her. From Emma’s experience, we could learn that money is not everything in our life. Many films can be called great movies. However, my opinion is that a great movie should give you a life lesson.

Another reward of this movie is the splendid acting. Especially, Selena Gomez is most prominent among the actors and actresses in this film. In Monte Carlo, Selena Gomez acted both the role of Grace and a British heiress. Because one actor plays the two characters, people might find a similar style in both characters. Selena Gomez dispels the thought by demonstrating splendid acting. Even though Grace and the heiress are played by the same actress, the two characters were totally different and her British accent was impeccable. You will immediately ask a person next to you, as I did watching this movie, “Are they really the same actor?” In his review, Ryan Mazie also praised “Changing up the accent to a slightly higher register, the little details she takes to differentiate the three characters are impressive.”

The lessons this movie gives and Selena Gomez’s great acting are the main reasons that make this movie so excellent. Some audiences might say that the storyline is too silly appropriate only for teenage girls. However, I am sure that you will get a powerful message that penetrates your mind and deeply move your heart. Our thoughts on the relationship between siblings, happiness life, and desires in life will be transformed after you watch this movie, Monte Carlo.

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