Mystery Team
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A group of former Encyclopedia Brown-style child-detectives struggle to solve an adult mystery.

August 28, 2009

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a team of grown up kids

Reviewed by chelano

This film was pretty funny. You have to like these guys sense of humor though. I use to watch all their stuff online and I thought it was pretty funny. I saw a trailer for the movie here and had to watch it. Donald Glover is pretty funny and has one of the funniest screams in cinema. Dominic Dierkes had a funny character, but as for himself, he was just ok. D.C. Pierson has a great character and he was pretty watch to just listen to. There is a fun little cast for this film and faces you would have seen from different shows on TV. The great thing about this movie is it is about mystery, so the story line was actually not that bad and even had a twist ending like most mysteries do. So we have a good story and tons of laughs. That makes a pretty decent comedy. The only real problem they had was that sometimes the film got kind of cheesy and it would ruin the film. Or some scenes would stretch just a hair too much and almost ruin the laugh. So overall, you will get some laughs out of this film and you can tell that the cast not only got into their characters, but they just plain out had fun with it.

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