Natural City
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Two cops, R and Noma, hunt down renegade cyborgs. Cyborgs are used as commandos by the military, as lust objects and for companionship. Normaly they have a limited lifespan of three years but black market technology is being developed to be able to transfer a cyborg's artificial intelligence into human host. This drives R to find a suitable host for his expiring cyborg Ria.

May 09, 2003

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Confusing, yet interesting

Reviewed by chelano

When the movie was over, I did end of liking it. But before that, it was really hard to get into. The story jumps around a lot and is missing many pieces. But by the end, it does come all together. The film is Sci-Fi, but really just ends up being a love story in a way. All about a man and what he will do to keep his love for a cyborg. Ji-tae Yu is the main character and he is in love with a robot played by Rin Seo. Rin Seo was a little off on her acting skills, but I did enjoy Ji-tae Yu's performance. Jae-un Lee plays the other big part and she is decent. Now the movie has a couple fight scenes and they were pretty intense. They were all in bullet time slow motion and it really gave a stronger feel to them. The only problem was that you wanted more, and there just wasn't enough. There is a great fight scene between Ji-tae Yu and Doo-hong Jung though. It was not that long and I really wanted to be. But it was still great to watch. So very interesting story, just not all there.

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