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A stylish horror film based on the life of Robert Ramirez, aka the Nightstalker, who terrorized people in Los Angeles during the 1980s.

November 10, 2002

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Very poorly made.

Reviewed by bloodlust123

Considering the Richard Ramirez case is a very interesting one, I could not be blamed to expect a decent movie to come of it. I have read the Philip Carlo book on The Night Stalker and it is based 100% on facts, interviews with Ramirez and the evidence through out his trial.

This movie is completely wrong, it uses tacky voice overs, wanna be dramatic gun shot scenes and stupid irrelevant flashbacks to his past.

Richard Ramirez was captured by local citizens in broad day light after his picture has front page news he was recognised by citizens while trying to steal cars to make his escape. Unlike in this bullshit movie.

He was a shy person and the movie says otherwise, he killed 13 people and the movie tells otherwise.

By all means watch this rubbish, but keep in mind it is not the accurate story of Richard Ramirez, it's a fictional piece of badly made garbage.

The only thing I can complement is the realistic use of fake blood...

I love my horror movies and I could watch a good one 100 times, for me, this one, once was too much.

I hated it so much I am writing my first ever movie review just to express my dislike and warn others of this piece of shit film. Save your time and watch your lawn grow. It will be more interesting.

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