Part 1 - Currahee
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In 1942, men from across the USA are in Camp Toccoa, Georgia to undergo paratrooper training. For the men of 'E' Easy Company the training is particularly difficult as a result of their demanding commander, Captain Herbert Sobel. He drives them incessantly to excel, canceling their weekend passes on a whim. His favorite chore is to have the men undertake a run up a hill known as Currahee. While the men are fit and ready for battle, thanks to Sobel, he has unfortunately shown himself to be a weak tactical commander. Once in England, and knowing they will soon be ...

September 09, 2001

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Nicholas Aaron Robert E. (Popeye) Wynn
88e6ati8gixpczm9r8l7zwo1hmd Kirk Acevedo Joseph D. Toye
Doug Allen Sgt. Alton More
Aqdgv2nwabcnenolprd2lchs45n Eion Bailey Pvt. David Kenyon Webster
Phillip Barantini Wayne A. (Skinny) Sisk
George Calil James H. Alley Jr.
Ben Caplan Walter S. Gordon Jr.
Bmed7j9hffnpo7yocdjtqnvgdl Michael Cudlitz Denver Randleman
Vqfhfrjwohyn3egx1sb21resbi2 Dale Dye Col. Robert F. Sink
Hfa3sqyvylb0wc54thgppcdbjoj Rick Gomez George Luz
81vzica6w8nxg0ujqxcgsjare5n Stephen Graham Myron Mike Ranney
Guz1l2t6sxd6epmj79b7sa3acgu Scott Grimes Donald G. Malarkey
Djow0qyeym5wwgqqilwj6lenikw Frank John Hughes William J. Guarnere
Iot9hkuqhldbeffexub4r2cuqh5 Damian Lewis Lt. Richard D. Winters
Dpqmeprlviaw6umdfexv7nnpkld Ron Livingston Lt. Lewis Nixon
Dxxglpunjzto5de7k1owgqltm9f James Madio Frank J. Perconte
Tim Matthews Alex M. Penkala Jr.
9wpqifgq8cq4d26q4d8milbg1xr Ross McCall Cpl. Joesph Liebgott
Njv23gywtild5nvgd5f4krzfkac Neal McDonough Lynn D. Compton
Kjbqneb3k4ivtff8vftg1mpavwx David Schwimmer Herbert M. Sobel
Djsp12f04hh1stoqrejtygdhkma Donnie Wahlberg Sgt. Carwood Lipton
Rick Warden Harry F. Welsh
Gpuaujccfnou96uk1crvz5rfk0j Peter Youngblood Hills Darrell C. (Shifty) Powers



Phil Alden Robinson Director


Stephen E. Ambrose Executive Producer

Tom Hanks Executive Producer

Mary Richards Producer


Erik Jendresen Teleplay