Post Grad
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Ryden Malby always assumed it would be easy to find a job with a college diploma. But when nothing materializes after graduation, she's forced to move back in with her dysfunctional family and work full-time at maintaining her sanity. The only bright spot is her steady relationship with her best friend, Adam, but even that's starting to feel a little awkward.

August 21, 2009

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Post Grad

Reviewed by mutuel

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Post Grad (PG) * *

Failing Grade!


Now that school is just around the corner what better time than to release an education-themed movie. Only in Post Grad the lead character has just finished school and is about to hit the job market. Everyone now knows how tough it is to land work – let alone keep a job. Now the way this Fox Atomic movie unfolds is that a bright young girl decides to make her move and naturally things don’t go all as planned. Expect 88 minutes of heartaches, pains and maybe a little hope if you wander down to Tinseltown (on Pender, free parking), Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Famous Players Theatres around B.C. to catch this young woman’s journey.

Bright as a bubble Alexis Bledel headlines this story as Ryden Malby. Don’t you just love all these fancy Hollywood-engineered first names? I’m not sure how many Rydens are out there in the real world but I do know there are countless hopeful aspirants trying to ladn jobs. Once Ryden has her hopes dashed she goes, you guessed it, back to her family home.

Unfortunately we’ve seen this story once too often and the plot is thus equally familiar. Not to take anything away from Alexis, whose fine as the bewitching eager to please young woman, she gets trapped in a series of “encounters” with various types that are too stock familiar. For example, there’s the nice guy would –be lover who’s that old high school sweetheart she suddenly has no time for. Instead she goes off with a sexy foreigner who’s naturally more than a few years her senior. Put more meat on the bones of these characters and add some sizzle and you may have some impact. Here the emotion is too mild and tepid and not that engaging.

Director Vicky Jenson directed the first Shrek movie. That film had a story line that was interesting, fresh and fun to watch. Hence the huge appeal of Shrek and the mini industry it created. Post Grad is a marked step down not on account of the direction but the rather bland story and lack of intensity when dealing with the dilemmas this young woman encounters when her hopes are dashed. Other casting featuring the likes of some aging veterans also does not fire things up as it should. Michael Keaton (Batman) portrays a disheveled dad and comic king Carol Burnett tries to manage some laughs as a politically incorrect grandma but even that comes off as a hit and miss affair.

Aimed I guess at the tweener girl crowd Post Grad doesn’t really connect with audiences. What it needed was more compelling secondary characters you care about and from a family standpoint you don’t just feel too much for any of this messed up lot.

Post Grad earns a failing grade despite a nice attempt by lead Alexis Bledel. Give her a good script and an engaging story and this lady, who can act, will rise to the top under the right guidance

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