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This movie tells the true story of John Reed, a radical American journalist around the time of World War I. He soon meets Louise Bryant, a respectable married woman, who dumps her husband for Reed and becomes an important feminist and radical in her own right. After involvement with labor and political disputes in the US, they go to Russia in time for the October Revolution in 1917, when the Communists siezed power. Inspired, they return to the US, hoping to lead a similar revolution. A particularly fascinating aspect of the movie is the inclusion of interviews with "witnesses", the real-life surviving participants in the events of the movie.

December 03, 1981

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Lsqk7xramokpdvn11ct164wx9xc Diane Keaton Louise Bryant
Hluj6pidujbhxdsncjrgzmv8dnm Warren Beatty John Reed
Pvvfejbqcqrvityenabihdcmrjs Jack Nicholson Eugene O'Neill
Fudafkdjbpae9ndnkhcrrlugga2 Edward Herrmann Max Eastman
Jerzy Kosinski Grigory Zinoviev
A4iqcmwuylduh8esv4fcuzjtzpo Paul Sorvino Louis Fraina
7zazx6qycxk1cbxknt1t9fceekk Maureen Stapleton Emma Goldman
Nicolas Coster Paul Trullinger
Vrq2mjszybrfompgslzf7vcexda M. Emmet Walsh Speaker - Liberal Club
Skrzkge4rldl7s3dmzdswang6gr Ian Wolfe Mr. Partlow
Bbb4zwh2eevj1piccdea7dtzlwk Bessie Love Mrs. Partlow
MacIntyre Dixon Carl Walters
Pat Starr Helen Walters
Eleanor D. Wilson Mrs. Reed
Max Wright Floyd Dell
Azwcjkxfpmrndvhxy8ryuvh4azo George Plimpton Horace Whigham
Harry Ditson Maurice Becker
Leigh Curran Ida Rauh
Kathryn Grody Crystal Eastman
Brenda Currin Marjorie Jones
Nancy Duiguid Jane Heap
Norman Chancer Barney
Dolph Sweet Big Bill Haywood
Ramon Bieri Police Chief
Jack O'Leary Pinkerton Guard
Od670x0f93sfodt6nesrwivqrhe Gene Hackman Pete Van Wherry
Gerald Hiken Dr. Lorber
Zvqiwredudxgmbb41g93rgyomeh William Daniels Julius Gerber
Dave King Allan Benson
1rutzjm3u95cocblvztxpbctmsi Joseph Buloff Joe Volski



Warren Beatty Director