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Several unidentified dead men dressed as Santa Claus are shown in various positions. Six days earlier, Nick and Rudy are cellmates in prison three days away from release; Rudy is incarcerated for grand theft auto. Nick has been corresponding with a young woman named Ashley, who is waiting for him on the outside. When Nick is killed during a prison uprising, Rudy takes his place and lets the beautiful Ashley think he is the one who has been writing her the love letters. Before long, Rudy discovers that pretending to be Nick was not such a good idea after all, as some fellow criminals intend to use him for their own purposes—robbing the casino at which Nick used to work.

February 25, 2000

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Too Much Ben Affleck

Reviewed by jmpviper

I expected this movie to be more exciting than it was. It was pretty average in most respects. Ben Affleck almost ruined the movie by his horrible acting. I'll stick with he shouldn't be an actor! Gary Sinise did a good job in this one. He's a great actor and it's too bad you don't see him in more current good movies. With CSI: New York and the Lieutenant Dan Band I suppose he just doesn't have the time anymore. The best parts of this movie were Gary Sinise and Charlize Theron going topless! The guy who played Thomas Cromwell from the Tudors was alright too. 5/10

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