Return from the River Kwai
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A group of war prisoners has spilt blood, sweat and tears to construct a bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand. Just when the bridge is ready, an American bomber arrives and destroys it. Camp commander Tanaka wants to set an example and orders that some of the prisoners must be executed. Just in time major Harada arrives with orders that the healthiest prisoners must be transported to Japan by train and boat. A treacherous journey since the allied forces keep a close eye on railroads and practically own the seas. The prisoners are thinking of plans to escape. Meanwhile the American bomber has been shot down and it's pilot, Leyland Crawford, is being rescued by the indigenous people, the Meo. The Meo have formed a resistance group against the Japanese, led by the British colonel Grayson

April 07, 1989

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7de2ucih9hakoferuqv1zbntuln Timothy Bottoms Seaman Miller
1cqluph9s59tc4etbova7kc68ew Nick Tate Lt. Commander Hunt
Q9usx8y7a5knzjxg63icpagek7h George Takei Lieutenant Tanaka
Aao3prg4dvjbp82kuxhyzijiwrq Edward Fox Major Benford
Paul Holme Benford's Patient
Dyemuqufylfipc5wjf30xsilb29 Chris Penn Lieutenant Crawford (as Christopher Penn)
Ronnie Lazaro Boonrod
Tatsuya Nakadai Major Harada
Aqmhtimf3lmuzno78aex9rpmwns Denholm Elliott Colonel Grayson
Anna Maria Tirol Meo Girl
Andres Tepongco Anon
Masato Nagamori Lieutenant Yamashita
Pierre Valderon Frenchman in Saigon
Patricia Edmondson Lady in Saigon
1pkhctuenydqv4aycdc9dz6fye4 Richard Graham Sergeant Perry



Andrew V. McLaglen Director