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On TV a new reality show, "Pionerlager", has started. Following the results of a casting, five young men and five girls, led by young TV presenter Alice Ten, go to the thrown pioneer camp. The rules state that every week someone would be eliminated from the show. The last one remaining will win the main prize: one million roubles. But suddenly game rules change: the invisible observer declares that it is life, not money, that will be the award for the winner. The maniac hiding behind the mask of a horse, begins a hunt for the participants. Children's horror stories which he once listened to in pioneer camp, revive and become a plot of its own murders.

September 04, 2008

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The Holocaust is just the tip of the iceberg.

Reviewed by Catallaxy

Finally a documentary has been made about the consequences of Socialism, in both of it's forms; National Socialism and Communism. This film shows that Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both Socialists and emphasizes the historical fact that, only Socialists publicly advocated genocide, beginning with Karl Marx, in the 1840s and echoed by George Bernard Shaw, in the 1930s. Shaw is even caught on film justifying genocide, with a smile on his face.

The parallels between Nazism and Communism are breathtaking including propaganda posters, which even show similar gestures. This film will shock you, if all you know of the Second World War atrocities is the Holocaust. Vladimir Lenin started the mass murders, in 1919, fourteen years before Hitler even came to power, in Germany.

This is a must see, for anyone who cares about humanity.

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