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After surviving the electric chair, convicted serial killer Max Seed is buried alive. He digs himself out of the grave and goes on a killing spree. Taking revenge on the men who put him there and random unfortunates alike.

April 27, 2007

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Reviewed by master-of-horro

"In The Name Of The King", "Alone In The Dark", And "House Of The Dead" Uwe Boll Is The Driector, Producer, And Writer Of The Next Film Being Released. Seed Is A Lethal And Non Stop Horror Flick That Delivers A Wraith Of Violence Ever To Be Seen On A Movie Screen. With Such Perfectly Executed CGI Shots The Film Leaves You In Absolute Fear For Each One Of The Victims Lives.. Max Seed A Mass Murderer Who Killed 666 (Ironic) People Over His Teenage And Young Adulthood. He Is Sentenced To Execution By The Electric Chair. Apparently In The State Of Texas, If A Murderer Survives A 25,000 Volt Shock, He Has The Right To Return To Society As By Serving His Death Sentence Out...After Being Released And Recaptured Quickly Due To More Murders..He's Sentenced To The Chair Again.. And Survives!! They Then Think To Bury Him Alive Thinkin That It All Is Over... Only For Max Seed To Return More Pissed And Ruthless To Leave Gore Fans Screaming For Seed To Get Revenge On The One's Who Tried To Do Him Wrong...Uwe Boll Is Not The Greatest Director As You May All Know..But This Horror Flick Is Something Uwe Can Actual Create That Is In A Certain Realistic Way Still. The CGI Shots Are Unoticeable And Aboslutely Horrific!! I Thought This Movie Was A Crazy And Twisted Movie.. Gore Effect Were Outstanding And Made The Movie Better Then What It Would Have Been
Movies Similar To Seed: Hatchet, Silent Hill, Friday The 13th "If They Would Of Had Way Better Gore Effects"

thank you all again and hope you enjoyed!!!

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