Skeleton Crew
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Back in the early 1970s, at a mental institution near the Russian border, a crazed doctor, Dr. Anderson assumed the persona of "the Auteur," and began murdering his patients while filming the atrocities. Thirty years later, an American film crew has arrived at the hospital to shoot a horror film based on those awful events. The director, Steven, is determined to make the film as realistic as possible, a goal that doesn't seem too far-fetched when his Finnish sound men discover a hidden room in the hospital basement. There, perfectly preserved, are the original snuff films shot by "the Auteur". As Steven's obsession grows, his cast and crew begin to fear for his sanity. But this is only the beginning, because when Steven discovers actual camera used by "the Auteur", he assumes the role of the murderous doctor and the real slaughter begins.

November 09, 2009

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Terrible, terrible movie.

Reviewed by tuotierugif

If I could give this movie zero stars, I would.

Terrible acting, terrible plot and all-around terrible in every possible way. If this was meant to be a parody (which some scenes seemed to indicate, given the sheer absurdity it managed to reach), it wasn't a particularly funny or clever one. If it was meant to be a serious attempt at horror, it failed to be the least bit scary. The acting was on par with what you'll find in a junior high class play; not a drama class play, either -- the kind of play you're all forced to put on for English class while reading a novel, where none of the kids want to be there and even the teacher hates it.

I fear this film may be the final nail in the horror genre's coffin. It was THAT bad.

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