So Proudly We Hail
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A group of U.S. Army nurses leaves San Francisco for their tour of duty in Hawaii in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes their destination, and their lives. Sent to Bataan, in the Philippines, the nurses are led by Lt. Janet Davidson. She is faced with untested nurses who expected an easy time in Honolulu, but who quickly become battle-weary veterans dealing with daily bombardments by the Japanese, overwhelmed by the numbers of wounded, and dwindling supplies. Some of "Davey's" unit also have to deal with romantic entanglements with men they met onboard ship. When Bataan falls, the American forces flee to the offshore island of Corregidor, where they find the Japanese assault just as intense.

September 08, 1943

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Xdp3nos14kvjnwixl860rdeqkgi Claudette Colbert Lt. Janet 'Davy' Davidson
Jxabhtod2vvi2kuj0gp3sczuyre Paulette Goddard Lt. Joan O'Doul
E8tgilitmpryy04ufh37ocjmkl6 Veronica Lake Lt. Olivia D'Arcy
98ayzkjmmsmhpmy77iuhvc2sbgy George Reeves Lt. John Summers
Vlupggqpcbi3a1numcibxllirft Barbara Britton Lt. Rosemary Larson
Zaeepx2vbnfw7gzatg5q1xetkjv Walter Abel Chaplain
Wjl34aqkprt6kfskycww31lp7to Sonny Tufts Kansas
Mary Servoss Capt. "Ma" McGregor
Ted Hecht Dr. Jose Bardia
Fvji5ac9b8vau8wkrahurklobyw John Litel Dr. Harrison
Mary Treen Sadie
Xdx2p70yhsehog80pke9y8uqjd6 Lorna Gray Toni
Ngmlwscvdhkwy5kdanwmwql49kb Dorothy Adams Irma
4wap8hgpstjm2kdqsyjfotgf7f6 Ann Doran Betty
Tf8mdg3ulobhitk1pqikikys9wb Jean Willes Carol
Kitty Kelly Ethel
James Bell Col. White
James Flavin Capt. O'Brien
Imr3celq3pnbcufnrch6fp9sizo Byron Foulger Larson
Elsa Janssen Mrs. Larson
3aozilp21thnry2ceaiqvjzsx0e Will Wright Col. Clark
Helen Lynd Elsie
Lynn Walker Fay



Mark Sandrich Director