Stuck in Love
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An acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and their teenaged children come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year.

September 09, 2012

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Reviewed by danielle

“I remember that it hurt… looking at her hurt” The famous line spoken by Rusty (played by Nat Wolff), a hopeless romantic who is in love with someone he can not have at the moment. He is the complete opposite of his sister, Samantha (played by Lily Collins) , who is more of a realist that is really just afraid of getting hurt. She prefers hook-ups and one-night stands ever since she gave up on love when her mother and father divorced three years ago. Their father, Bill (played by Greg Kinnear), is a famous novelist, but he has been crushed ever since the divorce causing a stall in his writing process. Bill has always been very serious about writing and he encouraged it in his kids at a young age by giving them journals to write in.
When Sam comes home from college to join her brother and father for Thanksgiving, she brings good news saying that she published her first book. Meanwhile, Rusty has been writing love poems for his crush, Kate (played by Liana Liberato), which gets Rusty her attention. It is not until he finds her at a party doing drugs and being abused by her boyfriend when he realizes what he is getting himself into. While this is happening, Sam has been busy getting the attention of a fellow classmate, Lou (played by Logan Lerman). At first, Sam is not into him because he is looking for a real relationship and she is trying to stay away from commitment. Then after the coffee, dinner, ice-skating, and close bonding, Sam finds herself developing feelings for him. Concerning Bill, he tries going out on dates and he does the occasional hook-up with a fellow neighbor, but he can’t seem to get over his ex-wife, Erica (played by Jennifer Connelly). Sam can see how depressed her father is, which is why she hates her mother for leaving them and being the cause of Bill’s unhappiness for three years. Rusty is somewhat close to his mother and he does not really blame her for breaking up the family, but he still prefers Bill over her. Erica struggles to be more involved with her childrens’ lives, but it’s difficult ever since Sam completely shut her out. It takes a serious toll on her and she finds herself looking to Bill for help, bringing them closer together.
This movie takes the viewer on a journey to help the main characters discover what love truly is. There are plenty of trials and tribulations that are relatable and it makes the movie more interesting to watch. Also, the characters are so unique and fascinating it is hard not to get emotionally involved with all of their stories. Bill, for example, is so heart broken that he stalks his wife and will look into their house through the window. Even though this is creepy, it is also sad to see just how depressed he is. Sam, on the other hand, has no faith in love at first and as the movie progresses it is amazing to see how much she grows as a person and how happier she is overall. Rusty, well he is kind of an idiot for thinking that he can save someone who needs professional help, but it is nice to see just how emotional he is and how much love he is willing to give.
One thing I did not like is how the writer made Rusty such a romantic and a poet, yet he does drugs and drinks. They made him to be sort of a contradictory character and it did not really work for me. I feel as though the movie could have had the same effect if they had not made him an underage drinker/illegal drug user. Another thing I did not like is that the neighbor that Bill occasionally hooks-up with is about ten years younger and she has a husband and kids at home. They also specifically said in the movie that she would go over to BIll’s house after her husband left for work and her children went to school. That type of behavior disgusts me, so I was not too fond of that. Although, she is a necessary character because she is the one who helps Bill get into relationships again and that is how he realizes that he still loves Erica. Still, she could have just been a friend who goes over to check on him from time to time instead of being an unfaithful tramp. Finally, towards the end of the movie when the family is having Thanksgiving, Rusty was expecting Kate to show up, but she never did. It seemed to me that everyone got a happy ending with their significant other except for Rusty and I felt sorry for him. I wish instead they would have had Kate show up as well so Rusty would have had someone at the table along with everyone else. Once she goes to rehab, she is not heard from again, so it would have been nice to see how she has been doing.
Overall, I believe that Stuck In Love is an amazing movie with a unique and interesting story along with phenomenal characters and coinciding actors. Even though there were a few minor faults with the movie, I would still recommend it to anyone I come in contact with. This story about love and the struggles it comes with is so beneficial because it teaches that everyone has their own idea of what love is and that it is important to never give up on someone you truly care about. I myself have learned so much from this movie and I am glad that my friend recommended it to me because now I am obsessed with it. This movie is one of my favorites and I will continue to watch it even though I have already seen it four times. Though, that is alright because every time I watch it, it never disappoints.

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If you want to see something shockingly real

Reviewed by Beck

Stuck in Love is real. It's not some Hollywoodized mainstream movie with Botoxed infused models or robot fight scenes every five minute. It has passion, but it's not a total chic flick. Stuck in Love is one of the most accurate depictions of real life that I have ever seen in a movie. Truly a classic.

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