Summer Lovers
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A young American couple go to the Greek islands for the summer and r dazzled by the beauty and the uninhibited people surrounding them. The young man meets and begins an affair with a French woman, an archeologist working on a dig. The young American woman discovers this and goes to confront the other woman. The French woman is quite taken with the American woman's photographic work, and the th

January 01, 1982

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Santorini Egotists

Reviewed by zeppolino

Oh boy is this ever a dated film, and a genuine turkey to boot. The key word here is "annoying." The characters (3 key ones) are annoying, the flimsy excuse for a plot is annoying, the music is annoying, the people on the island are annoying. Well, you get the idea. There is only one population that might enjoy watching this thing once, and that is men who enjoy looking at beautiful women. Here you'll find a heartbreakingly young Darryl Hannah (oh, but the ravages of 30 years of time combined with horrendous facelifts have been brutal). She was so gorgeous then, and had a figure that just wouldn't quit. The best part is that, as she is trying to start a career at this time, she sheds all of her clothes for several extended scenes, and looks damn good in a skimpy string bikini as well. OMG. There is a second woman, a rather eerily strange looking French actress (Vanessa Quintessen, who tragicaly died in a auto accident soon after the film was made). At times she looks pretty, at times almost scarily reptilian. And you have to like skinny women to enjoy her body when she too sheds her clothes (which she does at the drop of a hat). As a guy, I couldn't but help hate the smug Peter Gallagher and his lipsticked puffy lipped smile. His punishment for blatantly cheating on the sweet, sexy, and devoted Darryl is to get to bed BOTH of these ladies at the same time! Hell, in real life I got in trouble for just LOOKING at girls in bikinis, and I wasn't half as much as a jerk as he was. Everybody drinks a lot of wine, and the idea is that the magic of Santorini leads the sheltered American couple to join the worldy and 'what the hell I'll screw everyone I want to' French archaelogist in a bacchinalian orgy. Hate to use this overused term but, "it is what it is." I enjoyed it for shameful reasons. As a film, it is an embarassment to the industry.

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