The Breakfast Club
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Five high school students—the jock, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the basket case—break through the social barriers of high school during Saturday detention.

February 15, 1985

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A phenomenal coming of age story and a must for every teenager

Reviewed by SavvyGirl90

John Hughes rarely puts a foot wrong, and The Breakfast Club may very well be his crowning glory. It is a coming of age film that transcends generations and continents, with a plot that is relatable no matter what your walk of life. The message of the film is one that binds us; you are not alone. Hughes attempts to break down typical high school stereotypes and expose the similarities that lie at the heart of us all, particularly teenagers desperate for love, acceptance, respect and understanding. This film is beautiful, understated, funny and heartfelt. Every single member of the cast shines in roles that seem to be written purely for them, (and it helps that Judd Nelson is easy to look at!). This movie had me desperate to receive detention in high school, in the hopes that the hot popular boy would discover that I'm a person too and make out with me. It never happened.

This movie is heartwarming. If you have ever felt lost or misunderstood by those around you, take comfort in this film. It got me through my high school years and remains my favourite movie years later. Perfect.

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