The Climb
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A pair of mismatched rock climbers must learn to work together to conquer one of the world's most treacherous mountains in this adventure tale. After rescuing a wealthy man, solo climbers Michael and Derrick are rewarded with a chance to summit Mount Chicanagua. Risk-taker Derrick clashes with safety-conscious Michael, but in order to live through the ordeal they must work as a team.

January 01, 2002

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Two Climbers Two Goals & One Mountain

Reviewed by Christine

The Climb

Have you ever wished you could go back into the past and re-live a part of your life or change an important decision you made or correct all the mistakes you ever made? I would like to strongly recommend you watch The Climb because it really makes you think deeply about this question. Many have described The Climb as a classic movie that shows the importance of life and how your choices can affect you, either in a positive way or a negative way. The Climb is the story of two professional climbers, a Christian, Michael Harris (Ned Vaughn) and the proud and successful Derrick Williams (Jason George). These two men are called into action to save an injured climber hanging unconsciously off a cliff. It turns out that the man is the son of a successful businessman in the community. So out of gratitude and for some positive publicity, the businessman awards the two climbers with a sponsorship to fully finance their trip to climb their long desired but, never fulfilled dream mountain, one of the highest peaks in the Chilean Andes. Both men receive the offer with eagerness and excitement. They both have very different motives to reach the summit and it is while they climb the mountain, and suffer hardships and difficulties together that they discover what�s most important in life. And that�s why The Climb deserves its many awards because of its important message and breathtaking scenery.

When you watch the movie, The Climb, you can learn a lot about important values like teamwork, leadership, perseverance, sacrifice and knowing God. In the movie in attempt to both come back down from the submit to base camp they show these values. Josh McDowell, a Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer comments on the movie saying that The Climb is �Very entertaining, and an exciting journey to discover what is important in life�� Most people learn what the most important thing in life later on in their life rather than earlier, after they have made their own mistakes. Having good values, like the values shown in the movie The Climb to guide you in life, can really help you to avoid mistakes and bad choices which could ruin your life and future. I really think that by watching this movie you can learn a lot of important things like good character and good values that can truly benefit you in numerous ways in your relationships with others and with God. Phil Boatwright, a movie reporter tells us what he admires in a movie, �inspiring, and entertaining� and comments that �that�s why (he) (goes) to the movies!� That certainly would describe The Climb.

In addition to what the movie teaches us about values, The Climb shows us spectacular scenery of the mountains, the sky and the snow. The nature scenes are truly beautiful. Dr. Ted Baehr, a movie guide and a media critic states that �THE CLIMB soars to new heights for World Wide Pictures.� He also calls the movie �a first-rate production,� and �terrific entertainment.� The scenes shown in the movie and the photography are professional and fascinating. It really fills you with wonder and makes you gasp in amazement and wonder. The photography makes it really realistic and detailed. As the climbers journey to the summit, climbing over rocks, snow banks and dangerous ledges, and braving winds, storms and avalanches, you feel as though you are actually there climbing with them instead of simply sitting down and watching a movie. Also in the movie it also teaches us that nature can be magnificently beautiful but can be also very powerful and dangerous.

The Climb has won a couple of awards that it well deserves. First, it was awarded the 2003 Crown Award Winner for the Best Evangelistic Film for showing the importance of life and good values as well as the 2003 Crown Award Winner for the Best Pictures for its breathtaking scenery. Many others including my family and friends have really appreciated and enjoyed this film a lot for its beautiful presentation of creation, for its important lessons on teamwork, honesty, friendship, faith and sacrifice, and for its inspiring message. At the beginning of the movie, Derrick and Michael, courageously rescue an almost dead climber and are rewarded with a chance to fulfill their life-time dreams. Sadly for Derrick it isn�t quite as fascinating because his dream climb would also come with an unwanted partner, Michael Harris. Michael takes life seriously all the time, and never takes excessive risk especially when climbing, as Derrick would normally do. But these two very different men, with two different goals, climbing the one mountain that they have always dreamed of, as a team, put their lives on the line. And their wild journey up to the summit and back creates one unforgettable, heart-stopping, breathtaking, inspiring adventure that you have to see.

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