The Fourth Angel
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The Economist reporter Jack Elgin, a workaholic, takes his family on a working trip to India, where he is to interview the PM. But their US airplane is hijacked in Limassol (Cyprus) by the unknown August 15 terrorist movement, which ends up in a bloodbath. Jack can save his pre-teen son Andrew, literally in his arms, but his wife and daughter are among the slaughter victims. Western governments seem unwilling to go after the fiends, even hide the identity of a high-profile fatal victim. Although now a single father, Jack uses all his contacts and snooping skill to seek the truth himself. A London-based Serbian free newspaper editor sets him on the trail of four Balkanic killers, but is murdered. Jack decides to exact revenge himself, tipped-off by Sûreté-contact Dugay. Meanwhile US embassy official Davidson and FBI Special Agent Jules Bernard play a key part in the official, MI5-lead investigation, which ends up crossing Jack's path.

August 19, 2003

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Uvhmt2a0c0blvuxecrzd2ak5yp Jeremy Irons Jack Elgin
Ovl1qi8mjf3cyk4uz8degnbuxr6 Forest Whitaker Agent Jules Bernard
Mgcs3qh9m99xlfsotlqs1b4jnut Jason Priestley Davidson
Briony Glassco Maria
Jh6xzuzbjffhxr6vbzoa7seivol Charlotte Rampling Kate Stockton
Uqneo3ft5h7vmjxusi3ljmm3xt3 Lois Maxwell Olivia
Timothy West Jones
Joel Pitts Andrew Elgin
Anna Maguire Joanne Elgin
Holly Boyd Julia
Kal Weber Kulindos
U7o1ea5ptz7xdkysg1jr2nrp8gf Ian McNeice Lewison, MI5 Officer
William Armstrong Perry
Lzyitscpzlwevnuhzqaszmqiuua Garrick Hagon Duguay
Serge Soric Ivanic Loyvek
Ivan Marevich Karadan Maldic
Dorin Rimbu Milos Zderiko
Joerg Stadler Anton Kostic
Julian Rivett Sasha Polenkow
Michael Sarne Leo Hasse (as Mike Sarne)
30mf4o5tnp8zaqcnfr7d2oc7naj Yuri Stepanov Dusan
Peter Majer Mirostav Matanovic
Kate Fahy Gail (Jack's Secretary)
Badi Uzzaman Dr. Mackay
John Ioannou Gen. Patakis
Patrick Watson U.S. Ambassador
Neil Daglish Senior Police Officer
Catherine Hood Junior Doctor
Natasha Williams Theatre Bar Girl
Ideyo8cszavy9hsmzmv9mps5tx4 Paul Birchard Pilot



Steve Simmonds Art Direction

Peta Button Set Decoration


Mike Molloy Cinematography


John Irvin Director


Allan Scott Producer

Peter R. Simpson Producer

Heidi Levitt Casting

Jeremy Zimmermann Casting


Paul Zaza Original Music Composer


Robin Hunter Screenplay

Allan Scott Screenplay