The Host
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Gang-du is a dim-witted man working at his father's tiny snack bar near the Han River. One day, Gang-du's one and only daughter Hyun-seo comes back from school irritated. She is angry at her uncle, Nam-il, who visited her school as her guardian shamelessly drunk. Ignoring her father's excuses for Nam-il, Hyun-seo is soon engrossed in her aunt Nam-joo's archery tournament on TV. Meanwhile, outside of the snack bar, people are fascinated by an unidentified object hanging onto a bridge. In an instant, the object reveals itself as a terrifying creature turning the riverbank into a gruesome sea of blood¡¦ Amid the chaos, Hyun-seo is helplessly snatched up by the creature right before Gang-du's eyes. These unforeseen circumstances render the government powerless to act. But receiving a call of help from Hyun-seo, the once-ordinary citizen Gang-du and his family are thrust into a battle with the monster to rescue their beloved Hyun-seo.

July 26, 2006

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A...strange creature

Reviewed by chelano

A very interesting film by Jonn-ho Bong. It is basically about a mutated creature that kills people. I am not ruining anything here because within ten minutes the creature it revealed. As for what the creature is, I have no idea. Someones warped mind made up this thing and I enjoyed it. Kang-ho Song is the lead. A bum type lazy father who just helps his father run a small food shop. His father is played by Hie-bong Byeon who did a decent job. Kang-ho Song has a daughter played by Ah-sung Ko who gets captured by this creature and with the help of his brother, sister and father, he finally grows up and tries to get her back. There were parts of the film that were somewhat slow, but other parts did make up for it. The CG was good enough to make you think that the creature was really running around and killing people. The film is called The Host for a reason. The government thinks that a virus made this monster and anyone who came in contact with it, should be dealt with. So you have this creature running around and the government going crazy and the people going crazy thinking they have a virus. This film combines drama with comedy and then adds a dash of the scary. So overall, it was not the best film in the world, but it was fun to watch. I will say there are a couple scenes that stick out that I really enjoyed and hopefully you will too.

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