The Libertine
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In this French comedy, Denis Diderot is part of an aristocratic circle which practices libertarian principles on the rural castle estate of the baron of Holbach and prints their forbidden publication, the Encyclopedie. Madame Therbouche, a flirtatious painter from the Prussian metropolis Berlin, arrives and convinces Diderot to pose for her in the nude all over the estate's park, leading to an argument with his wife Antoinette. These antics are witnessed by Holbach's brother the Cardinal, who is hunting for the illegal Encyclopaedia printers. To divert the Cardinal, the baroness confesses years of her real and imagined sins and then sends in every female on the estate to do the same.

March 15, 2000

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Qgfrsbgr7dlubr4cav2abdh5swk Vincent Perez Denis Diderot
Ealxbfcd6ocubrda3pmgklq6xq Fanny Ardant Madame Therbouche
7zmxnqux7dopr30m57b4gzox8og Josiane Balasko Baronne d'Holbach
Pm3tvmrwmwu7tvvfir7zpbafwep Michel Serrault le cardinal
Kee27mdeqjj7o4iooe20zdgkmc4 Arielle Dombasle Madame de Jerfeuil
Christian Charmetant Chevalier de Jerfeuil
Françoise Lépine Madame Diderot
François Lalande Baron d'Holbach
Zbz1vufetmhghezq4bcnjmv0urf Bruno Todeschini Marquis de Cambrol
Arnaud Lemaire Marquis de Lutz
Xnesqka00b6bsugwrvdlthadrof Audrey Tautou Julie d'Holbach
39mqrgjzqyqqphh2txcfnmstk0j Vahina Giocante Angélique Diderot
Yan Duffas Abraham
Véronique Vella la cousine de Jerfeuil
Eric Savin Chef de la police



Gabriel Aghion Director