The Mouthpiece
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When a hot young prosecutor learns that a man he got convicted and executed was in fact innocent, he quits his DA job and becomes a defense attorney. He grows rich and powerful defending guilty racketeers, but eventually sees the errors of his ways.

January 01, 1932

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T0rwf7xqtrbzcsjsappalearrk3 Warren William Vincent 'Vince' Day
2pl6gpyfxa7xzjncwhjwzhixvio Sidney Fox Celia Farraday
Pfvuxlf3aue6hnftkjwxpk2lcua Aline MacMahon Miss Hickey, Day's Secretary
Le1ogqo0kraho2ihaolshgj4exi John Wray Mr. Barton
Mae Madison Elaine
Ralph Ince J.B. Roscoe
Sjyb7g2ya64ixa8iigirzcyrvtp Morgan Wallace E.A. Smith
Am8ewv9qbk9svdshgen6qjz9ui6 Guy Kibbee Bartender
Ihuillxzgkzsmvapdxlhbze82b J. Carrol Naish Tony Rocco (as J. Carroll Naish)
Walter Walker District Attorney Forbes
A7gqdvbbg6s2qn8cqtecltlgx49 Stanley Fields Mr. Pondapolis
Murray Kinnell Thompson, Day's Butler
Yavlracyqqsmmpm9rn5ua4bds4y Noel Francis Miss DeVere
William Janney John 'Johnny' Morris
Berton Churchill Judge, Rocco Trial
Davison Clark Detective Arresting Garland
Kenne Duncan Office Worker
Helena Phillips Evans Crying Prospective Client
Willie Fung Chinese Waiter
Jxabhtod2vvi2kuj0gp3sczuyre Paulette Goddard Platinum Blonde at Party
Harvey Lewis One of J.B.'s Henchman
Uoxvczdmwccmzrabj8m23axqg9i Selmer Jackson Prison Clerk
John Kelly Cab Driver
Hwowpknevqbwp2mrjmcrlrxvpsi Jack La Rue Joe Garland
Wu5ftupk5atyjlcshhxpgcdf8mg Charles Lane Hotel Desk Clerk
Pedro Regas One of J.B.'s Henchmen
Hector Sarno The Gardener-Murderer
Emerson Treacy Robert Wilson
Polly Walters Gladys
Eric Wilton Maitre d'



James Flood Director


Frank J. Collins Theatre Play

Joseph Jackson Screenplay

Earl Baldwin Adaptation