Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
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Set in a separate storyline not related to the "Trailer Park Boys" Television show, but with the same lovable characters. The boys get arrested for robbing an ATM machine and spend 18 months in jail. When the get out, they decide to pull off "The Big Dirty" which is to steal a large amount of coins because they are untraceable and quit their life of crime forever

October 06, 2006

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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Reviewed by mutuel

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Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day (PG) * * *

Sober Up!


Laughs at the expense of drinking can be a hard sell. Earlier this summer Warner Brothers hit gold with The Hangover, one of the funniest films in years. Drunkenness plays a pivotal part in Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, another assault on the senses from Alliance Films now staking out territory at Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Famous Players Silver City sites around B.C.

Cult followings are rare in Canadian entertainment yet for some unusual reason The Trailer Park Boys have hit high notes among television audiences for year. Thanks to their triumphant film debut a few years earlier the gang is all back for another ridiculous romp. This time the boys are in jail, released, and find themselves behind the eight ball.

Going straight is what cons are supposed to do when released. Unfortunately Julian and Ricky are in need of funds while landlord extraordinaire Mr. Lahey wants to do them in. Along with the hapless love starved Bubbles this unlikely trio embark on a business plan before returning to their patented life of crime.

Laughs come hard and often in this ridiculous story that has a chord of drinking running through it. If you like this sort of humour you’ll feel right at home while those looking for more sophisticated charm will find it sorely lacking here. Strictly for the beer crowd Ricky again turns in his wild-eyed utterances thanks to heavyweight Rob Wells while Mike Smith will appeal to all nerds out there through the wily ways of Bubbles. And John Dunsworth is a hoot as the off the wagon Jim Lahey.

Director Mike Clattenburg (who also co-wrote the story) sure didn’t have to go to any great expense to mount this production. Turn the camera loose and watch these jerks go through the motions in a minor tale about the haves versus the have nots.

Yes, the jokes here are all crude and rude but somehow they work and connect with audiences. At lease I found the story so stupid I actually couldn’t help but laugh a few times. Let’s hope this isn’t the best Canadian content has to offer or our industry, which is already under lots of stress, will be put truly on life support if it isn’t already thanks to financial incentives from back east and south of the border.

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