Training Day
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On his first day on the job as a narcotics officer, a rookie cop works with a rogue detective who isn't what he appears.

October 05, 2001

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Training Day

Reviewed by Ants

Just a caution to all you out there: if you are against profanity and violence, don't see this movie. I'm not saying that the movie is full of violence, but there are plenty of f-bombs throughout the film. I know that "Training Day" doesn't have the most f-bombs ever said in a movie, and its violence isn't the most brutal caught on a camera, but there's enough to turn many people away.

For the rest, be forwarned that "Training Day" isn't all about people running around shooting guns at each other. If you were hoping that there would be a lot of shoot-'em ups in this one, sorry.

Instead, we get to know the two main characters, which are Alonzo (Denzel Washington) and Jake (Ethan Hawke). Jake is an ambitious young cop who joins the LA narcotics division as he continues his climb up the ladder. He is partnered for 24 hours with Alonzo, who will ultimately decide whether or not to accept Jake into his squad.

Alonzo turns out to be a dirty cop, one who has his own sense of justice and isn't afraid to break the law. Jake learns more about LA's mean streets than he wants to know, and is ultimately forced to make some tough decisions.

"Training Day" can be tagged as an action movie, but it's also one that explores characters well. We get to know more of who Alonzo is as the film progresses. Jake's character needs less exploration, since we already know that he's an honest, by-the-book cop who suddenly finds himself in a world of drugs and corruption.

Washington is terrific as Alonzo. It would be hard for him to make a bad movie. Another tip to interested viewers: watch this one before any other movie that he made after "Training Day," because you'll appreciate his acting more.

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