Unaccompanied Minors
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Five disparate kids snowed in at the airport on Christmas Eve learn some lessons about friendship when they launch a bid to get back to their families and outsmart a disgruntled airport official who wants to keep them grounded.

December 08, 2006

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this is a awesome dvd for the Under 16 crowd.

Reviewed by tango2470

This movie got terrible reviews, but I actually rather enjoyed it. I found it entertaining, and it didn't bore me like many other movies do. This is a G rated movie (maybe PG for some) It does not contain the type of humour,action, sexuality (of course) That most adults find entertaining, in that case I would reccomend it for people around the middle school age. But I myself am 18 and find a lot of movies crude or offensive, but this one had a wholesome fun sense of action, did not include fowel language, but at the same time loads of fun. The Movie is about 5 kids that are unnacompanied minors on a flight to meet up with the other parents for Christmas. They are all entertaining in their own way, the snobby rich girl, the dorky smart boy, a chubby 12 year old that still plays with action figures, a tough 11 year old tomboy, and a boy who is visiting his dad in pensilvania with his little sister. They are first taken to an "unnacompanied minors" room littered with candy wrappers, garbadge, and screaming 5 year olds. The 5 main characters escape, and when they are first caught by security they find out that all the other kids that were in the "UM" room had been taken to a posh hotel to spend the night, and they were left in a room that apparently smelled like "dead horse" together they find different strageties to fight off the airport security, and escape from the airport. The end part of the movie leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Ill admit some of the action scenes are somewhat unrealistic and maybe even phony but I found them all nethertheless entertaining, and I am very glad I bought this dvd.

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