Underworld: Awakening
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After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter named Nissa, and when she finds her, they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all.

January 18, 2012

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Reviewed by marthamullins

I wasn't thrilled about another Underworld movie. I really dislike Kate Beckinsale. I don't know WHY I really dislike her but I do.

Anyway, When they announced Underworld: Awakening, I had NO intentions in seeing it... EVER!. My husband on the other hand is a HUGE lover of the Underworld movies (except Rise of the Lycans) and insisted we see it.

It wasn't all bad. I felt lost in the beginning... then it all came together... and then in the end... felt COMPLETELY unfinished which usually means another movie is coming... if not... then that was the stupidest ending EVER. But with the popularity of the Underworld franchise, I'd say another Underworld is highly likely.

What can you expect from Awakening? About the same as you could from ANY of the other Underworld's in the series... minus the love/sex story which is replaced with a MATERNAL story instead. That... plus one huge fucking Lycan.

Won't really give it away... I don't do the SPOILER thing... so if you are a fan of Underworld (especially the first 2), Awakening is a MUST see. If you haven't see the first 3 Underworld movies... see them first THEN watch Awakening.

As a movie in general, it is a little confusing, but once you put the pieces together, Underworld Awakening is just about the same as the first 2 of the Underworld Series... which ain't half bad for the 4th Underworld movie.

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An embarrassment to Underworld

Reviewed by Fray

Normally, I consider myself an adamant fan to the Underworld series, in fact- Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, was the first Blu Ray movie I ever bought. As a fan I must say, I was very disappointed.

The most abhorrent thing about this film was the lackluster special effects and utterly confusing 3D. In my excitement, I decided to view the previous three movies before visiting the cinema, and the comparison isn't good.

The makeup department hasn't done us any favors here, Kate Becknsale has aged some since the first movie, I can appreciate that, but it showed so obviously, I was thrown off for a minute. Where was the immortal kickass death-dealer Selene I had come to love? The jumpsuit looked like hers, but she clearly did not, one who once seemed an ageless 20 something, was an obvious 40. I could forgive this too, but the eyes, they hurt my eyes. The mysterious glowing blue I had known, now looked like a cheap prop, and it probably was.

Don't even get me started on how Lycans looked in this film, I would probably start to cry.

On to the 3D. Plain and simple, the budget spent on it, should have gone to special effects & makeup, maybe then it would have held up. This sort of 3D was neither the 'in your face' sort, or the 'extra depth', it was just confusing. What should have been in the background was sometimes thrown into the first, what should have been a simple effect in the layer, became it's own blinding annoyance. (The Silver Nitrate gas comes to mind.) If you are insistent on seeing the film still, for better or worse, see it in 2D, your eyes will thank you.

I will put my standards aside when it comes to story and plot, if it's good enough, but the story had nothing to redeem. With previous movies, we have a solid plot line to follow, Save Micheal, Stop William from Escaping, The origin of the feud. This has about four plot points with hardly any connection other then Selene being there. The first plot, the one that was advertized, was something that would have made the film great. Humans join the war and try to purge the Lycans and Vampires, and they fight back, a full out battle for species survival? Awesome! I grinned to my delight seeing the future war unfold then, oh well a flash grenade puts the sunlight IMMUNE Selene out of commission (She became immune in Underworld 2), and stuck in cryo for 12 years.

Well damn, I said 'maybe there's something better in store for us. I was wrong, into our midst was thrown the biggest cliche, a kid. This was actually a similar line to Kill Bill at first, and I liked that movie too, so I went with it. But a chase here a fight there, more bad graphics and we get little to nothing short of lost between plot points and random cities which you can never quite determine the country .

Had this film been given a bigger budget, or perhaps better writers perhaps I would have written a different review. If you are a fan of Underworld, and are questioning it, don't see it. I will not be adding this one to my trilogy, it is a disgrace to the underworld I know and love, and will not be given a place with it.

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