WWE This Tuesday In Texas
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This Tuesday in Texas took place on December 3, 1991 at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas. Five professional wrestling matches were scheduled on the card. The main event was a rematch for the WWF Championship, which saw Hulk Hogan defeat the champion, The Undertaker, to regain the title. Hogan had lost the championship six days earlier at Survivor Series in a controversial finish. The featured bout on the undercard saw Randy Savage, in his first match since WrestleMania VII, defeat Jake Roberts. The event was an attempt by the WWF to establish Tuesday as a secondary pay-per-view night. Lukewarm reaction and a disappointing 1.0 buyrate rendered the experiment a failure, and the company shelved its plans until nearly thirteen years later, when it held Taboo Tuesday.

December 03, 1991

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Pvtntjjioe53wfwat55w7kgdilb Randy Savage Himself (as Randy 'Macho Man' Savage)
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Davey Boy Smith Himself
Ted DiBiase Himself
Jdwq3flbbpsihpgfodmuuawwnon Hulk Hogan Himself
4shbactmbfxiwmky9uthtjwbflk Mark Calaway The Undertaker
Barry Darsow Repo Man
Terry Szopinski The Warlord
Mike Jones Virgil
Merced Solis Tito Santana
Jack Tunney Himself
Qz736wmlzwo6jfktgwy935tuagz Ric Flair Himself
Elizabeth Hulette Herself (as Miss Elizabeth)
Steve Keirn Skinner
William Moody Paul Bearer
Bobby Heenan Himself
Ted DiBiase Himself
Sean Mooney Himself
6kfk3veepuzhcjihssqxadxc3m Sherri Martel Sensational Sherri
Gene Okerlund Himself
Robert Marella Himself (as Gorilla Monsoon)



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