WWE WrestleMania VIII
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WrestleMania VIII was the eighth annual WrestleMania. It took place on April 5, 1992 at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana. The only WrestleMania officially recognized by WWE.com to have featured more than one headlining match, its card included two equally-promoted main events. In the first, WWF Champion Ric Flair defended his title against Randy Savage, and in the second, Hulk Hogan faced Sid Justice. As a consequence of the double main event, WrestleMania VIII carried two taglines: "The Macho/Flair Affair!" and "Friendship Torn Apart!" Notable matches on the undercard included WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper defending against Bret Hart, and WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. defending against The Natural Disasters.

April 05, 1992

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Sid Vicious
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Qz736wmlzwo6jfktgwy935tuagz Ric Flair
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Steve Keirn Skinner
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Fred Ottman Typhoon
Ted DiBiase Himself
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Owqet7s7xsvr2rbteneajrlbssb Jimmy Hart Himself
E4a6ffsei8zxkfr7kxoiping87x Christopher Chavis Tatanka
Richard Vigneault Rick Martel
Miss Elizabeth Miss Elizabeth
Curt Hennig Mr. Perfect
Z1afqh1sknjquux28aagczeeg3q Big Boss Man Big Boss Man
Mike Jones Virgil
Otz4v8rtp8ma8hffilznzfd4nbq Sgt. Slaughter Sargent Slaughter
Zww34qthmlsdztm0yiux1pk6yft Jim Duggan "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Barry Darsow Repo Man
Xkfh1yixgb3gezkvrf75gogyxaj Jacques Rougeau The Mountie
Ioq3dhyk8kfx0pnv00hduym3cut Bret Hart Himself
5whq4o037l3s5126htnwbv457c7 Roddy Piper Himself
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4shbactmbfxiwmky9uthtjwbflk Mark Calaway The Undertaker
V0nsbowrxftn9jubordhodlltac Shawn Michaels Himself
Merced Solis El Matador
6kfk3veepuzhcjihssqxadxc3m Sherri Martel Sensational Sherri