Why Did I Get Married Too?
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Four couples reunite for their annual vacation in order to socialize and to spend time analyzing their marriages. Their intimate week in the Bahamas is disrupted by the arrival of an ex-husband determined to win back his recently remarried wife.

April 02, 2010

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overall the movie was good and had a suprise ending

Reviewed by arielnewton

Why did I get married too?

Why did I get married too is a movie about four married couples who come across many obstacles and tribulations. When the couples go on there annual vacation together all of there dirt comes out. Sheila (Jill Scott) and her new husband are having many problems they recently relocated, had a child and now her husband is having a hard time finding a job, so many is tight. They spent there last pennies to go in this trip and they don�t want the others to know that. Angela (Tasha Smith) is having a very hard time trusting her husband Marcus (Michael Jai White). When he�s at work she thinks he�s out cheating. She checking everything from his bank accounts, to his car mileage and his heart beat. Janet Jackson and her husband are fighting over money and are getting a divorce. Tyler Perry�s wife finally gave him the son he always wanted and just when everything seemed perfect he found out she was having an affair.

I personally liked the first movie better. I think they made this movie too dramatic, and the characters were over the top. I feel like it was too much going on all at once. But overall it was a good movie and you should go see it!

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