ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
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An idyllic island town is under attack by that most invasive of pests: zombies! Port Gamble is being overrun with braineaters, and the people seem powerless to stave them off. But wait, a rag tag band of rebels is trying to turn the tide and push the invading hordes of undead back.

January 01, 2009

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Death is no laughing matter

Reviewed by mackshere

ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION--what a spectacular title. No way an After Dark Horrorfest entry could live up to such a masterful name, is there? I had some pretty low expectations for this movie, and was somewhat surprised by the overall results.

But after thinking about this movie for a couple of days, I've come to an important realization--I'm getting kinda tired of my zombie films being infected by this outbreak of comedy. I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, but I'm starting to crave a totally serious, well-made undead film. Something along the lines of the classics White Zombie, I Walked with a Zombie, or Night of the Living Dead. I'd even settle for a brutal gorefest with a cardboard script, as long as it didn't cram politics down my throat in a completely obvious manner. No teen romance, no trite morality tale, no transparent social criticisms, PLEASE! It's getting overdone.

Although I really enjoyed ZOMBIES OF MAS DESTRUCTION, it didn't totally avoid any of these cliches. It did bring some immaculate gore--the heinous, blood-soaked flesh-chomping madness that is vital for this type of film. The type of stuff that will make you shudder, wince, and eventually chuckle a bit to cope with the absolute mayhem. Very well done in that regards.

But there is plenty of gay humor that's worn pretty threadbare in this film. It focuses too much on the town, family, and church's response to the gay couple, and it's completely overdone.

Other stuff that came off pretty heavy handed--the media's reporting of the zombie crisis. They quickly called it the work of terrorists. This causes one idiot to become overly suspicious of his friendly Iranian neighbors. Ok, ok, I get the real life implications, just thought it was forced upon us way too much.

Still I thought ZOMD was very solid. I actually liked it more than Zombieland even. It didn't have anybody near as cool as Woody Harrelson though. No sweet cameos either. But this is must see stuff for the zombie fan. It doesn't quite live up to the genius title, but it was a decent try.

Zombies rule!

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